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Amazing Pet Expos Celebrates over 1500 Adoptions Made at a Pet Expo in 2014

Approximately 1500 Pets were adopted because of an Amazing Pet Expo in 2014, team members discovered during their yearly review.


St. Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2014 -- Going to a Pet Expo can lead to many things – attendees expect to leave an expo with new products for their furry, scaled, and feathered family members, newly vaccinated pets, and knowledge about everything from new training techniques to breed specific legislation. Not everyone expects to walk away with a new family member, but Amazing Pet Expos, producers of over 95 consecutive pet expos over the past six years, has contributed to the adoptions of over 1500 pets during 2014!

Major factors that they attribute to their help with adoptions are their Mega-Adoption Area, hosted by, and the fact that they allow pets to attend the Pet Expos as long as they are on a fixed lead.

"We allow pets into our shows for a number of reasons," says Patricia Welch, Vice President of Amazing Pet Expos, "But we knew that anyone looking for a new pet would need to see how their current pet would get along with any potential fur-children in order to develop a familial relationship."

About The Mega Adoption Area
The Mega-Adoption area is a large space that the producers have set aside strictly for Non-Profit Rescue Organizations. This area is reserved for adoptions only, so that anyone looking to adopt a pet can go directly to one area to find the perfect new addition to their family.

"Some states don't allow adoptions on site," says Welch, "So we try to keep in touch with each of our rescues in order to find out how their adoptions went. We're happy to report an average of 50 adoptions that have happened as a result of our Expos."

This includes adoptions that happen after-the-fact, because many attendees will find the perfect pet for them, but then take a couple of days to consider their options. Regardless, Amazing Pet Expos is happy to help spread the word about adoption.

"The [Denver Pet Expo] event was awesome! We had twelve adoptions during the event!" a Representative from Doggy Dog World Rescue says of their experience at the 2014 Denver Pet Expo. Producers are happy to help organizations like Doggy Dog World Rescue spread the word about their rescue, in order to help get as many animals adopted and off the streets as possible.

"If the attendees don't end up adopting certain animals, we even wind up taking them home!" says Welch. "Just this summer, our Exhibitor Relations Advocate brought home a Rat Terrier from one of our shows. Adoption holds a special place in the Pet Expo heart."

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