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Maven Domains, a premium domain brokerage have announced the sale of one of the most exciting domains of 2014,


Colnbrook, Berkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2014 -- Stevia is a plant used as a 'natural sweetener' and is used in place of artificial sweeteners like Aspartame. It is fast becoming the number one natural sweetener of choice by companies looking to provide the most natural and zero calorie drinks and foods within the health, fitness and weight loss niches. Riding on the popularity of Stevia is which is now for sale via premium domain broker Maven Domains. already attracts 30,000 visitors a month on average, and the keyword Stevia attracts more than 368,000 Google searches a month so with development those visitor traffic numbers could easily sky-rocket. Given the amount of traffic driven toward searching for Stevia online, the domain represents an amazing opportunity to net a huge proportion of that traffic and exploit and monetize this growing keyword.

And the visitor and search statistics look even better when you see Stevia's market potential, as the product grows from a multi-million to a multi-billion dollar enterprise. And this exponential growth is based on independent figures by the World Health Organization, who predict 20 to 30% of all dietary sweeteners could be replaced by Stevia.

Paul Haughney from Maven Domains explained, "Stevia is as flavorful as, and more healthy than sugar, and is poised to be taken on by a plethora of companies in sectors like food and soft drinks. And this movement is said to be driven by consumer choices, as people look for healthier, and more natural, options. therefore represents an amazing opportunity for business to business or business to consumer sites, all of which would benefit greatly by owning The website already ranks in the Top 3 of Google and with more work it could capture lots more visitor traffic. Rarely do you get such a strong domain and great Google rankings in one package, especially when the keyword search volume for Stevia, and related keywords, is set to explode even further."

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