Vision City Las Colinas

Vision City Las Colinas Announces Addition of New VisiOffice System

Dr. Rita Patel Says Innovative New Technology Offers Most Accurate Lens Measurements Ever


Irving, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2014 -- Dr. Rita Patel announced this week that she will begin offering the state-of-the-art Visioffice eyeglass lens measurement system as part of the superior patient experience at her practice, Vision City Las Colinas, in Las Colinas, Texas.

The Visioffice is the latest innovation in accurate lens measurement, allowing Dr. Patel and her associates to capture 3-D images of a patient's eyes to provide a more accurate, personalized eyeglass lens for any visual condition. Visioffice also offers a measurement unique to this system alone, called Eyecode. This personalized measurement allows your optometrist to go even further in personalizing your lenses by measuring the Eye Rotation Center (ERC). Eyecode enables the eye care team at Vision City Las Colinas to determine the position of each eye's rotation center individually with a single measurement, which is obtained quickly and conveniently. Dr. Patel then combines this eye data with frame and head/eye behavior data. This allows her to create an entirely personalized vision profile for her patients. Eyecode is an essential and unique part of the Visioffice system and the combination of technologies outdoes any other measuring system currently available in the optometric world.

"Just like so many other features of our individuality, each person's eyes are just a little bit different from every other person's," explains Dr. Patel, "The Visioffice allows us to take precise measurements of each individual eye, unlike previous technologies, which measured both eyes together, skewing the results of lens measurements. Increased accuracy in lens measurements allows for superior individualization of lenses and a greater ability to bring the clearest vision possible to our patients. Lenses measured with Eyecode considerations are only available from practices like Vision City Las Colinas, who have invested in greater patient vision by adding the Visioffice System to their practice."

In addition to innovative 3-D measurements, the Visioffice system also helps patients select eyeglasses and frames and learn about the features and benefits of various lens designs, materials, and lens treatments through interactive and user-friendly videos.

From 3D eye modeling to Eyecode and frame design analysis, the Visioffice System makes Vision City Las Colinas the practice to beat when it comes to providing patients with eyeglass lenses made specifically, and uniquely for them.

For more information, contact Dr. Patel at Vision City Las Colinas, (214) 393-3008