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Hypnosis of Portland Introduces a New "Confidence Boosting" Program


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2014 -- There is a good method to overcome shyness, improve a sense of self confidence, either in social life or in career. If you have a desire of becoming a motivational or public speaker, need to overcome a fear of speaking in front of people or simply if you are very shy and feel nervous around people you don't know and would like to become more confident, there is actually a way to overcome this fear!

Hypnosis of Portland, uses hypnosis to help people overcome insecurity issues, shyness, lack of confidence, without using any willpower, and with lasting and permanent results.

This Confidence Boosting Hypnosis method, consists of an individualized client approach through a customized Hypnosis program, which varies according to each person's individual requirement and issues, considering that everybody has a different childhood conditioning, and different challenges.

More About Hypnosis of Portland's Confidence Boosting Program

The owner of Hypnosis of Portlant, says that Overcoming shyness or lack of confidence has nothing to do with willpower, even if a person is consciously aware of having a confidence block, and tries to heal this block by using affirmations or self improvement routines, reading self help books or other cognitive mind derived methods, he/she will not resolve this problem in a permanent way. Because lack of confidence is related to negative memories or traumatic events most likely occurred in early childhood, which are deeply seated in the subconscious mind and hidden from the conscious awareness. So in order to heal this issue is necessary to identify the root cause, accessing the subconscious brain directly and then reprogram it, and this can only be accomplished through hypnosis

The program beside using Hypnotherapy sessions, also includes self hypnosis home assignments and tools, elementary & useful teaching of the functions of the subconscious & conscious parts of the brain, assignment of NLP-based exercises, for maintenance

This program can also combine Hypnosis with other very effective and medically proven modalities, such as EFT & Neurolinguistic Programming.(NLP).

The owner adds that Hypnosis is even more powerful when combined with with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) - By using Hypnosis with EFT, it is possible to neutralize and break completely a negative neural network connected to negative or traumatic subconscious beliefs and patterns, removing the original emotional block, in a much faster way. Through EFT with Hypnosis, the old neural, conditional reflex loop is permanently interrupted. A brand new, neural network is established in the hippocampus and as a consequence the fear or anxiety based behavioral pattern, is eliminated. In addition, NLP combined with hypnosis, uses the power of visualization, scientifically proven to promote healing and positive changes, emotionally, mentally, physically

About Hypnosis of Portland
Hypnosis of Portland was founded in 1999 in Santa Barbara CA , under the original name of A Happier You Hypnosis Company, it is presently located on Portland, Oregon and owned & run by Annalena Gulliksson-Cavallo, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, M.A., Certified NLP.

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