Medical Costs Attributable to Arthritis and Rheumatic Conditions Continue to Rise


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2014 -- Arthritis is highly prevalent nowadays and there are millions of patients who suffer from the condition in the United States alone. While the physical consequences are clear for those who suffer from the condition, it also has a negative financial impact.

According to studies, billions of dollars are spent every year for medical costs associated with arthritis and other rheumatic conditions. The estimated cost of medical care for people suffering from arthritis is $15 billion every year. If loss of productivity and medical care are summed up, the cost goes up to roughly $65 billion on an annual basis. This only shows how prevalent the condition is and how it is significantly affecting the lives of many people.

"What makes arthritis even more alarming is that it does not only make sufferers pay a high financial price, but they are also often forced to live a low quality of life. This is why experts recommend that before the condition develops, people should start taking measures to avoid it," said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O'Sullivan.

Patients are suffering not just from pain, but also financial loss in paying for hospital visits, medicines, hospitalization and even surgeries. Every year, there is an estimated 44 million outpatient visits made by arthritis sufferers.

Arthritis is considered as one of the major causes of disability in the United States, and patients usually fight pain by using one of several treatment options. Sufferers are often able to work, make a living and function normally by taking anti-inflammatory drugs. However, it is also a known fact that pain relievers only work temporarily and can often cause dangerous side effects if taken long-term.

Using prescription medication can be costly, as sufferers need to take it every time they are in pain, which happens frequently. Aside from drugs, natural alternatives such as glucosamine supplements are also very popular among arthritis sufferers. They believe that glucosamine supplements do not just provide pain relief, but may also help regain their joint health.

"Glucosamine has many therapeutic properties and it is a widely known choice for arthritis patients. Some consumers use glucosamine in combination with medication, while others rely on it as their sole source of pain relief," added O'Sullivan.

Many arthritis patients find glucosamine supplements a safe and effective option for the condition. They believe that the therapeutic effects of glucosamine can help them manage their joint health in the long term (

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