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Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2014 -- The world is ever changing and growing. As markets tend to dictate the future, those who remain steeped in tradition determine the past. On a daily basis, news flashes across the screens of every device while more often than not, sources and content are rarely questioned. With standard channels of distribution, Micro-Cap companies have no means of getting their news to their intended audience. In Penny Land, it is often a challenge in determining which companies will most likely succeed within the confines of a highly competitive market. But at the end of the day, it is the company's news which holds the key in providing transparency and higher liquidity in the overall tradability of the stock.

Aptly named, UPTICK Newswire's 21st Century Newsroom is a paradigm shift into the world of modern media. UPTICK works closely with many CEO's in the Micro-Cap Industry while ensuring the most direct sources possible. 24/7 access allows the company's CEO to directly post company updates, pictures, press releases, and videos of products, services and overall progress at any time of day. The 24/7 RSS feed allows these primary sources to send out their information to their investors, potential investors, day traders, clients, media personalities and venture capitalists the moment it happens.

For those serious about investing, making money, or simply just following current events, UPTICK Newswire is a perfect choice for today's news regarding Nano and Micro-Cap markets. With the addition of pictures, videos, and its electronic press kit, top professionals including those in the field of journalism are using the site as a resource for leads. This RSS feed streamlines pertinent news and information to the media, creating an "all you can eat buffet" of content derived from primary resources.

This newsroom, chat forum and RSS feed are now available to the public. Subscribing to this feed puts our front page on your desktop. Investors, bloggers, editors, reporters, journalists and all who are interested are able to leap into the 21st Century with UPTICK Newswire as their news resource. Expand with the future, don't be one who determines the past.

For more information, please visit upticknewswire.com, and subscribe to our 24/7 RSS Feed at UPTICK's RSS (DO NOT VIEW IN GOOGLE CHROME [RSS in Google Chrome will auto-format as XML Script]) For Chrome users, please download a reader and search "upticknewswire.com" to find and subscribe to our complete RSS Feed.

About UPTICK Newswire
UPTICK Newswire has dedicated its infrastructure and employees to providing transparency, clarification and liquidity to the Nano and Micro-Cap markets all around the world. We do this by targeting the companies destined to succeed and rise above the competition, those who go above and beyond investors' expectations, and provide the next generation of products, and services on a commercial and consumer level. To meet this demand of niche information, we are determined to build long-lasting professional relationships with our clients, develop paradigm shifting products catered to a 21st Century approach, and optimize the distribution of press to targeted audiences and demographics.

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