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Stop Motion Animation Studio Bluemooner Begins Pre-Production of Zacki Almost Saves the Zoo


Orange, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2014 -- Bluemooner Studios will be premiering the stop-motion web series "Zacki Almost Saves The Zoo" on YouTube in 2015. The web series will tell the story of Zacki, a boy of thirteen who lives with his parents at the zoo, and his struggle to save the zoo from Martha, the alleged animal skin-wearing evil amusement park owner, whose collection of mind-altering rides sits across the old desert highway opposite Zacki's Zoo.

With the help of Bang!, a drum playing kangaroo, and the other animals in the zoo, Zacki tries to keep Martha from taking over the zoo and conquering the youth of the city. Young teens get on the rides full of fun and excitement, and come out the other end as automatonic zombies ready to go to work in the adult world corporate oppression machine.

To tell the back-stories of the animals of Zacki's Zoo, and how they came to live at the zoo, Bluemooner Studios is releasing a series of eBooks. The first eBook, "Bang! & Einstein Escape" has been released through

"Bang! and Einstein Escape" is about Bang!, the drum playing kangaroo, and Einstein, the intellectual elephant who carries with him an old encyclopedia book for the letter 'P'. They begin their journey at the Marvo Traveling Carnival, where they live in a dilapidated trailer. Mistreated by the attention seeking owner of the Marvo Traveling Carnival, Cory Impressario, Bang! and Einstein hatch a plan to escape the carnival by getting their owner more attention than he can handle.

However, once escaping, they find their problems may have only gotten worse.

"Bang! & Einstein Escape" is available exclusively through by going to, or through the Bluemooner Studios' website at

About Bluemooner Studios
Located in Orange CA, Bluemooner Studios is a start-up stop-motion animation studio. They are currently in pre-production for the stop-motion animation series, "Zacki Almost Saves The Zoo". Many of the character figures of "Zacki Almsot Saves The Zoo", which are being used for pre-production, can be seen at their website.

Brian Geddes
Orange, CA