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LT Organics Launches Efforts to Increase Awareness of Proven Argan Oil Benefits

Argan Oil in its purest form is a versatile and effective tool in caring for skin, hair and nails, publishes


Glen Burnie, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2014 -- According to recent consumer news, the beauty industry currently generates more than $400 billion annually. Despite the vast array of items available for improving the appearance of skin, hair and nails, millions of men and women report deep dissatisfaction with the results of many of the products on the market. In light of the public's growing concern over the validity of their spending in this sector, Lizzie Brewis, founder of LT Organics, has launched efforts to increase awareness of a promising commodity.

Said Brewis, "Because of the false promises of the majority of beauty product manufacturers, many people are afraid to invest in newcomers to the market. I'm well aware of this concern after years of searching for something effective myself. Everything I found was ridiculously overpriced and filled with chemicals that cause more damage than they repair. Then, I discovered Argan Oil. I expected this product to be yet another disappointment, but I found this 100 percent safe, all natural substance to be one of the few that actually follows through on its claims."

Argan Oil is not a new development as it has been used for centuries by natives of Morocco, the Argan fruit's country of origin. Once the oil became more widely known, it gained acclaim as an effective hair care product. Noted for improving sheen, reducing frizz and repairing split ends in its original form, manufacturers of hair care supplements began incorporating it into their products.

Members of the African American community often complain of particularly difficult to manage hair and a lack of products on the market designed to cater to their specific issues. Using Argan Oil for black hair was found effective in reducing the dryness often associated with ethnic locks as well as the full array of other hair types. Researchers among the beauty industry soon began to delve into other uses for Argan Oil.

The oil's skin care properties then began making headlines. Argan Oil was found to help diminish wrinkles by providing and helping to retain moisture along with nourishing the skin with essential elements needed to promote firmness and elasticity. It is also said to aid in reducing the appearance of stretch marks and easing the symptoms of acne, eczema and psoriasis. Experts also mention Argan Oil's ability to smooth rough cuticles and strengthen brittle nails. This product, in its purest form, can also be consumed for cholesterol lowering benefits.

Concluded Brewis, "Obviously, once word spread of the numerous uses for Argan Oil, companies trying to profit from its reputation began manufacturing synthetic versions and marketing them as pure, so consumers need to be careful when shopping for it. Pure Argan Oil for sale will have a mild, slightly nutty scent as opposed to strong chemical or floral smells. I encourage those who are in the market for Argan Oil to visit for more information on this effective and versatile product."

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