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Informative New Divorce Specialty Site Marital Action Pasadena Launches

New site offers up a useful and interesting collection of divorce-related guides and articles, focusing specifically on those in California, Marital Action Pasadena founders report


Pasadena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2014 -- Marital Action Pasadena, a new website aimed at those going through or considering divorce in California, has launched and is now online at Created to serve as a one-stop destination for those seeking information about divorce, Marital Action Pasadena already hosts a strong collection of valuable articles, infographics, and videos targeted specifically at residents of California. The new site's operators will add more content in the coming weeks and are committed to making it the top resource for those in its target audience.

"Our helpful new site is now available for online visitors to benefit from and enjoy," Marital Action Pasadena representative Leo Young said, "Whether it's becoming informed about the basics of divorce procedures in California or delving into more advance topics, our users are going to find plenty of interesting and valuable material."

One of the most common questions raised by couples considering divorcing is whether attorneys will actually be needed to see the process through. Given the expense involved, many couples who are committed to parting on amicable terms wonder whether they might be able to complete their divorces without taking on such help, or whether a Pasadena divorce lawyer might ease the process enough to justify the cost.

Marital Action Pasadena tackles this issue with an in-depth guide that was developed in consultation with some top Pasadena divorce and family law attorneys. The guide points to a number of resources that can be of use to those thinking of conducting their own divorces without outside legal help, including online legal forms and free self-help sessions that are available at many court houses in the state. The guide also details the considerations that might make retaining at least one lawyer a better choice for couples, along with the advantages and drawbacks of each possible approach.

Another helpful feature on the new Marital Action Pasadena site goes into the differences between community and separate property, a common concern among those heading for divorce. This issue frequently turns out to be one of the most difficult to come to grips with for those considering handling their own divorces, and the new Marital Action Pasadena guide to the subject is one of the most comprehensive and useful treatments available online.

In addition to providing straightforward, practical guides of these kinds, Marital Action Pasadena will also seek to engage visitors in other ways. An interesting infographic and accompanying article commissioned for the site's launch, for example, look at the impacts of income levels, wealth, and other financial factors on divorce rates. Among the findings reported are that especially expensive weddings may actually contribute to a higher likelihood of divorce, while divorce rates drop steadily as combined incomes rise.

Going forward, the new Marital Action Pasadena site will be regularly updated with a similarly useful and interesting mix of content. The new site has already met with a strong, positive reception from visitors, with many being particularly impressed with the quality and extent of the content that is available.

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