Trade 247 Norway Announces Best Payday Loan Companies for Norwegians in 2014

Trade 247 Norway has used their busy year of reviewing the best payday loans available to offer a retrospective on the best companies in the market today for anyone looking for a fast cash injection.


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2014 -- Payday loans have seen their fair share of controversy in the media, but recent legal crackdowns have seen the most predatory of lenders come under heavy restrictions or even be put out of business. At the same time, that doesn't mean that only responsible, reliable lenders are left. To help people find the best solutions for a fast cash injection, Trade 247 Norway has been providing reviews on payday loan companies, and after a year reviewing hundreds of providers has now created their list of the top four for 2014.

The top four includes runners up Lendo and Bank Norwegian, but at the top of the list is two five star choices, Santander and Opp Finans. Both choices represent excellent ways to get affordable, rapid cash injection without being caught in a debt spiral.

The website also has a great deal of other information available including everything from micro loans via SMS (SMS-lån og smålån) and consumer loans (forbrukslan) to enable anyone to find the right kind of money lending advice, with independent and insightful editorials designed to promote responsible consumer decision making.

A spokesperson for Trade 247 Norway explained, "Payday loans have evolved rapidly over the course of the year and what we've been left with is the best market for micro-loans and short term loans there has been since this form of lending was first introduced. Norway is a broadly fiscally responsible country, but its citizen still require the occasional bridge to cover gaps in cash flow, especially around Christmas time. We wanted to make sure everyone had all the information and recommendations they could need to make the right choices. The round up for 2014 was limited to four entries because each had something uniquely advantageous to offer, and all will make a great fit for individuals dependent on their circumstances."

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