imlioyim jamir Reveals How Carb-Cycling Makes Fat Loss Easier Than Ever


Dimapur, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2014 --, a health blog dedicated to providing information about the latest diet plans and products, was recently updated with an interesting article on carb cycling, which is a diet plan with alternating high-carb and low-carb days. The article has explained, in simple terms, various important details about carb cycling such as how it works, what food to eat while carb cycling, the drawback of carb cycling and who would benefit most from this eating plan.

It is a fact that high-carb diets are ineffective for losing body fat and low-carb diets drains an individual's energy and strength while reducing muscle mass. In carb cycling, both diets are combined and the benefits of both the aforementioned diets are achieved, without any of the side-effects. Therefore, an individual cycling carb would experience boosted energy levels, increased metabolism, increased strength and endurance, improved fat burning and stimulated insulin response.

Usually, a carb cycling regime extends over a 6 day period and gets repeated every week until the desired weight is attained. A typical carb cycle alternates between high and low carb days, while the seventh day is saved for reward meals. However, depending on an individual's health and fitness objective, the cycle can be altered for the week. For instance, in order to lose weight an individual can intersperse 5 low carb days with 2 high carb days.

According to, many people have the wrong idea that losing weight means giving up a lot of food especially those that provide a lot of carbohydrates. In order to have a healthy body, it is very important to get calorific intake from carbohydrates, fats and proteins. If this balance is jeopardized, an individual may suffer from various health problems. Carb cycling provides the body with the perfect combo of carbohydrates, fats and protein, in order to optimize weight loss efforts. Readers can find a guide to help them readers determine their daily portions of each food group.

Regardless of the plan, further stressed that individuals should be prepared to closely monitor their progress and consider adjusting their schedule to see what brings the best results for them.

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