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Best Recruiting Team-Effort-Network (TEN) Distributors, Giti and Ken Doggrell, Promote a Special Offer on "Super-TEN" and "D-Power" Intra-Oral Vitamin Sprays


Hartford, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2014 -- Ken and Giti Doggrell both have success imbedded in their DNA. Ken is from an experienced family in Shipping, Insurance and Banking (though he chose a career in Engineering). A love of teaching and executive training soon evolved and this was crystallized in the home-based business industry which he has seen much success in since 1994.

"To be successful in this industry, you need great mentors," Ken explains, "Giti and I have been blessed to learn from the best. If you are prepared to listen, to learn and to put what you are being taught into practice - you can achieve any goal."

Giti is from a family of successful business owners and is trained in Business Management. Her passion and productivity propelled her to the top of the competitive corporate ladder in London. It was through a family connection at Team Effort International in California that Giti was first introduced to Network Marketing. Giti maintains her links with the City, with a keen interest in the stock market. Giti has a passion for art and is currently writing a series of children's books. Contact Ken and Giti Today!
0800 690 6241 (UK) or 925 309 5949 (USA)

About DPower
DPower: Often called "the sunshine vitamin," Vitamin D3 is actually a hormone produced by the body when stimulated by sunlight. New research suggests that Vitamin D may be one of the most important vitamins in your body. Our Vitamin D3 is always within reach in a convenient spray bottle.

Founded in 2002, Team Effort International (TEI) is a privately held, debt-free company located in Northern California. ?The company name was carefully chosen to encompass the concept and vision of what the company would ultimately become. TEI was founded by entrepreneurs who are truly committed to making a difference.