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BoxCutter Store Launches Holiday Discount Coupon Good for 20% off All Safety Cutters

Best discount of the year awaits at online store, along with great selection of safe, effective cutting tools that lower injury rates and protect products, saving money, BoxCutter Store reports


McDonough, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2014 -- BoxCutter Store, a leading seller of safe, high-quality cutting tools, announced a special offer on the company's products good through the holidays. By using coupon code "boxcutterholiday" when checking out from the company's online shop, BoxCutter Store customers will save 20% on their orders. A division of Klever Sales, LLC, BoxCutter Store supplies safety-focused, specially designed cutting implements that can reduce employee injury and claim rates while preventing damage to materials and products.

"This is a busy time of year when it comes to opening boxes full of shipments and goods," BoxCutter Store representative John Howting said, "and the safer, better-designed tools we sell at BoxCutter Store can make a big difference for all involved. Those who head to our online store today and make use of the coupon code 'boxcutterholiday' can save a spectacular 20% on our full range of products."

With their sharp, exposed blades and lack of safety measures, box-cutting knives of traditional design are a common source of workplace injuries. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that around a quarter of a million serious hand and finger lacerations occur on the job every year, with many of these resulting directly from the use of crude, conventional box cutters.

The costs of these accidents add up quickly. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration calculates that an average incident of this sort accumulates a tab of around $32,000 when both direct and indirect costs are taken into account, for example. In addition to posing a constant hazard to workers who use them, conventional box cutters are also prone to damaging goods and materials, further inflating costs for employers and companies.

The products stocked by the BoxCutter Store can make these issues virtually a thing of the past. The safety cutters produced by parent company Klever Sales that the BoxCutter Store sells represent a number of economical, reliable ways to reduce the incidence of workplace accidents while still providing highly productive cutting power. The standard carbon steel blade Klever Kutter slices neatly and safely through cardboard, strapping, and other materials that conventional box cutters are traditionally used on, while providing service life that greatly exceeds what can be expected from those crude tools.

For jobs where blades are likely to come into contact with liquids, the stainless steel Klever Kutter adds corrosion resistance to the mix and performs just as well, once again providing a degree of safety that regular box cutters can never match. The BoxCutter Store also stocks a number of other safety box cutters for specialized jobs, all designed to help keep workers, shipments, and goods safe.

For a limited time, all of these safe, high-quality, U.S.-made tools can be acquired at an impressive discount of 20% off already low regular prices, simply by using the coupon code 'boxcutterholiday' when checking out from the BoxCutter Store online shop. Quantity discounts are also available, as is international shipping.

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A division of Klever Sales, LLC, BoxCutter Store supplies top-quality, highly productive safety cutters that help companies trim costs by drastically lowering rates of workplace injuries and protecting valuable products from damage.