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Vitarank Explains How Viral Content Affect Netizens: The Power of Social Media Sites in Spreading the Word

Evidently, from this pattern identified that describes the viral contents trafficking on the web, what it takes to go viral should have a balance of each and a timely posting.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/15/2014 -- Continuous advancement in the technologies that connects people around the world have certainly gave collective thoughts and ideas in various social media accounts an opportunity to become phenomenal – most likely viral; that whatever pinned the interest of most people perhaps, has probably managed to grasp the 'secret formula' to virality, unknowingly.

Recently, a 'cheating note' went viral across the Web that has stirred the attention of many for a guy's unusual act of sympathy towards a total stranger who was being cheated on by his pregnant girlfriend during an NFL game. This sympathetic guy was seen sitting behind a couple at the Detroit Lions' Thanksgiving Day game, when he noticed that the woman is texting another man. Irritated with the 'snide remarks' by the woman about 'being used to small things' to her boyfriend, that most patrons find it unbecoming; and for some reason, the woman's deceits unnerve him; the guy took the courage to write the 'cheating note' about the woman's deception. He waited for the couple after the game and stopped him to give the note.

The 'cheating note' viral earned numerous positive and negative reactions from a lot of people who got a hand on the news. And having this small issue that only happened in a day at NFL games become insanely viral, it only shows how social media accounts can make small information or issue turn into a huge viral content in a matter of time.

Yet, not all that is posted on social media accounts can be as phenomenal as other viral content on the web can be. Certain patterns of virality in sharing content were identified by a group of digital marketers, in which these content that frequently goes viral are; humorous, emotional, news jacking, and promotional.


People love to laugh even on small simple things. A funny video, picture, mimes or quote is a kind of media content that people would probably be engaged with and will surely be shared, reposted, liked or tweeted.


When an awareness of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) have flagged the internet for Ice bucket challenge, it elicited strong positive reaction to those who donated, while negative reaction for people who just hopped on the bandwagon for fame's sake. This media content highly displays something that will make people empathize with their fellow in distress.

News Jacking

Media contents that show the stance of an organization on various sectors or anything that is related to political or current events is less likely to be shared or reposted. Though, adding opinions on the latest survey for presidential candidates or the latest trends in technology increasingly became popular, making alienated remarks in relation to other's point of view is inapt.


Sharing media content about the new opening of business ventures (that gives free coupons or special discounts) or how much a person's first salary is, does not interest the public. Better keep it with some friends and families.

Evidently, from this pattern identified that describes the viral content trafficking on the web, what it takes to go viral should have a balance of each and a timely posting.

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