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LastCrime Launches Indiegogo to Bring Groundbreaking Crime Fighting Artificial Intelligence to Market


Mont-sur-Rolle, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2014 -- With criminals not shying away from using the latest technology to commit crimes online and off, many people believe the time has come for law abiding citizens to fight fire with fire.  This means using the technology to stay ahead of the curve, protecting privacy, identifying criminals and making sure oneself, friends and family remain safe and sound.  This idea has inspired the creation of LastCrime , a unique, groundbreaking artificial intelligence developed to prevent, fight, track and report crime.  The company has recently announced the launch of their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help bring LastCrime to market and the excitement surrounding the news has been high.

"LastCrime not always uses the latest technology, but it also harnesses the power of being part of the first worldwide community project to fight crime,"  commented a spokesperson from the company.  "When you combine these factors, we really feel you are left with an end result that is going to bring a tremendous amount of value, protection and security to many people's lives."

According to the company LastCrime Artificial Intelligence brings many tools together that all have tremendous ability to fight crime.  Highlights include:  the ability to analyze data; powerful facial recognition; reporting tools; phone and email scanning tools to find criminals and potential criminals listed with LastCrime; expert mapping of crime; a military-grade encryption system; and the ability to advise people of dangerous areas and suggest alternative routes via a interactive mobile app.  All these features, and more, combine to make LastCrime an unparalleled resource when it comes to preventing crime and staying safe.

LastCrime gathers the information it uses from a number of very reliable and trustworthy sources to track and prevent crimes from criminals worldwide.  The first unique resource it draws from is the worldwide community project that has developed around the idea of LastCrime, and as this community grows the artificial intelligence has more information to draw from and becomes more and more effective.  Supplementing this are other quality source of information including social networking, websites and blogs, mobile user data, search engines and chats.  The breakthrough artificial intelligence is able to compare and tap this information with very little manual interventions and put it to excellent use in LastCrime.

LastCrime has both social and mobile applications, allowing users to scan their social networking contacts and their mobile phone books to search for suspects.  A special features makes sending official reports simple and easy.  The mobile app can also provide safer routes when queried, and has a quick "emergency" button that can be used to alert loved ones and authorities if a crime or potential crime is occurring.

The company feels that it's clear there's a great need for LastCrime Artificial Intelligence and expects the Indiegogo campaign to be a great success.

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