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1stUKMortgages.co.uk Announces an Anticipated Increase in Mortgage Arrears

Individuals concerned about a potential default on their mortgage find the products offered through 1st UK Mortgages to be of great assistance, reports this lender


London, Wandsworth -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2014 -- The Bank of England recently announced that approximately 500,000 families are facing mortgage arrears now that interest rates are rising from the .5 percent emergency level. Although the bank does state that home loan arrears shouldn't reach levels seen in the early 1990s, individuals worried about falling behind on their mortgage need to take action now. 1st UK Mortgages (http://www.1stukmortgages.co.uk/) offers financial products designed for those with bad credit, those looking to buy to let, and individuals who are self employed and find it difficult to obtain a traditional mortgage loan.

"For the majority of individuals, a mortgage remains the largest financial commitment one will make in their lifetime. With many mortgage products to select from, individuals should never settle for a mortgage that doesn't meet their needs in every way. Even those individuals who have bad credit, yet wish to purchase a property to let (http://www.1stukmortgages.co.uk/bad-credit-buy-to-let-mortgages/) find they can do so with the help of 1st UK Mortgages offerings," Pete Reeves, spokesperson for 1st UK Mortgages, declares.

Buy to let lending remains at the highest level seen since 2008, with banks now pushing products that decreased in popularity following the recent credit crunch. Individuals looking to diversify their investment portfolio may wish to look at purchasing real estate. Although there are periods when assets of this type lose value, individuals in a position to hold on to their property until the market improves find this is a great way to boost their bottom line.

Reeves points out that even those with bad credit may take advantage of this type of loan with great success. The key to making the most of this type of deal lies in finding the right tenant for the property. Individuals may choose to take this task on alone or turn to a professional property manager for assistance. Consider this option to enhance one's investment portfolio, as the risks tend to be less than those seen with many other investment opportunities.

Home buyers need to consider all mortgage products when purchasing a home. Many question the benefits of a variable loan, yet the very wealthy often choose this option when making a purchase of this type. 1st UK Mortgages investigates to learn why this is the case. Those making use of the various bad credit remortgage products (http://www.1stukmortgages.co.uk/bad-credit-remortgages/) offered through the lender need to consider this option, as it may be exactly what one needs to get back on track financially.

"Speak to the professionals at 1st UK Mortgages to learn more about the options currently offered. There is a solution for every home buyer, and 1st UK Mortgages remains committed to finding this solution. Don't rent another day. With the help of the many mortgage products offered through 1st UK Mortgage, every citizen in the country may be able to purchase their own home," Reeves proclaims.

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