Swiss Team Launches Indiegogo to Bring in the Cloud

Gets Public Cloud Access with No Hosting and No Shared Environments


Zug, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2014 -- A Swiss team has seen the future of work computing and has started an IndieGoGo campaign, the Swiss Cloud, to bring the freedom of the future work space to the present.

Imagine a world where a file one is working on is able to be edited from anywhere in the world and accessed from any device that is available to the editor. With the Swiss Cloud, that will be more than an imagined dream. It will be reality. However, the Swiss Cloud team requires equipment and clients to make that happen and this is why they are reaching out for help from the crowd-funding network through IndieGoGo.

Here are some reasons why choosing a combination Cloud is better:

-Keeping data in Switzerland is great for legal reasons and offers political stability.

-There is only a Dedicated cloud, with encrypted and secure access. Nothing shared, no single virtual machine.

-It's Pay-per-use and automated.

-It offers the fastest hardware, only SSD, so there's no overcommitting, and no long life cycle.

-The team not only offers Cloud platform possibilities but also consulting for IT strategy and business challenges.

About The Cloud
The Cloud offers 5 star service and more. The website will be launched in Q1/2015 after the campaign online and be localized in 4 languages - German, English, Italian and Russian.

The Swiss Cloud team can show their clients which path to take in this multi-layered platform. They can reveal the options that are available with regards to desktop visualization, application visualization and even server visualization.

As 2015 begins, IT is seeing an ongoing shift of power from central IT to application groups and business units. Legacy equipment will not be as supported as it once was and cloud computing will be the dominant platform emerging. Swiss Cloud is attempting to be a part of the revolution of computing and with this campaign, their donor partners can, too.

Angel investors helping fund the Swiss Cloud that Works campaign to the next level will be eligible for perks such as personally written thank yous, a Rubik's cube key chain, a 3d T-shirt, web training vouchers, 1 gram of gold, a private cloud datacenter and much, much more.

The team also understands not everyone may be able to give money to help the Swiss Cloud that Works project, so they ask that those who cannot give monetarily help by spreading the word about the Swiss Cloud that Works online through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr or record a video challenge for Vine, Facebook or Instagram to invite friends to give to or share this IndieGoGo fundraiser. Include #SwissCloudWorks in all posts.

For more information, visit Swiss Cloud That Works

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