Business Spreadsheets Brings to the Excel Tools Built to Offer Real Life Business Assistance

Students and staff benefit from free business analytical solutions


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2014 -- Excel spreadsheets play a very important role both in business as well as educational context for students who want to specialize in Finance Management or follow a general Business Management discipline.

While there are standardized tools developed to aid the learning, most of them cannot be used in real life business situations. This apparent gap in present day learning and business decision making is now being fulfilled by Business Spreadsheets, which brings to students and teachers, an exclusive package of excel based business analytical solutions, completely free of charge.

To avail this package, students and teachers simply have to go through complementary registration to receive the bundle of templates designed to offer learning assistance in subjects like account management. The beauty of these tools lies in the fact that they hold great relevance in day to day business world. What this means is that students and teachers will actually be able to use what they learn and grasp when they go out into the business world.

The business analytical solution tools cover a wide range of topics such as; financial portfolio management, technical analysis, real options and hedging. Business fundamentals and operations subjects covered by the solutions include business valuation with economic value added, multivariate regression predictive analytics with feature selection for forecasting, and project management with monitoring methods.

All the tools included in the package are extensively used by businesses worldwide to conduct everyday operations and carry out higher roles such as decision making.

Also, this is not just a basic package offering business analytical solutions as it comes with comprehensive help and support materials to explain the concepts as well as the logic behind building the solutions.
About Business Spreadsheets:

Business Spreadsheets brings to the educational community tools that make a difference both for students and teachers at many different levels. The tools are designed to give students a preview of what to expect in business scenarios and, it gives teachers the opportunity to learn along with the students using tools that are advanced. Launch of this package comes at a time when Microsoft has announced its policy to offer Microsoft Office 365 free to eligible institutions.

Business school and MBA students as well as professors and teaching staff within academic institutions can register for the program and immediately receive information and materials for higher learning programs.

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