The Maple Valley Creative Arts Council Seeks Crowfunding via Kickstarter for the Pocket Park in Maple Valley, Washington

This Kickstarter Project will fund the transformation of a blighted eyesore of an alley into a vital community gathering space, with a stage, rain garden, labyrinth and mosaic game boards.


Maple Valley, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2014 -- The Maple Valley Creative Arts Council is poised to take back an alley in a wasted space between a grocery store and a coffee shop. Currently crowded with shopping carts and garbage dumpsters, the plan is to improve the quality of life for residents of Maple Valley, Washington by transforming it into an innovative pocket park that will provide recreation, gathering space, and arts access for residents of Maple Valley WA.

In collaborating with the Maple Valley Creative Arts Council, artist Kathleen Fruge-Brown has designed a complete makeover of the space.

The Park's redesign fills several needs of the community including a preserve space for reflection and recreation up to and including a labyrinth, a hopscotch course that can reintroduce children to simple physical fun instead of mind-melting video games that promote childhood obesity. The space will allow for the community to come together to celebrate its diversity and congregate so new friendships can be forged and existing acquaintanceships can be rekindled.

Much more than just a park, space will be set aside for the arts by way of a small stage at the far end intended for concerts, poetry readings and other forms of free expression. Maple Valley has a thriving music community, with local performances already occurring at the Arts Center and other community locales. This new venue will give more opportunities to local performers and will increase their audience by luring in shoppers who will stop to listen.

The Maple Valley Creative Arts Council has already received approximately $25,000 in generous donations so far. Our hats are off from Quality Food Centers (the landowner), as well as the city of Maple Valley itself and two different local arts commissions in Kings County. The crowdfunding goal of $43,000 is what's needed to finish the next stage of the project (pouring the concrete) that will lay the groundwork for the new additions planned for this pocket park.

Backers to this crowdfunding project can take full advantage of this revitalized space and take pride in knowing they made a difference in enhancing not only the quality of life for residents but also accelerating economic activity in a part of town that is too frequently and unfairly overlooked.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on December 31, 2014.

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