Dr. Nina Naidu Among First to Offer FDA-Approved 'Ideal Implant' at New York City Practice

‘Ideal Implant’ combines the best of both worlds for implants: the natural result of silicone gel with the safety of saline.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2014 -- At her plastic surgery practice in New York City, Dr. Nina S. Naidu, MD, FACS, is one of the first and only plastic surgeons offering the FDA-approved Ideal Implant, a breast implant that combines the natural result of silicone gel with the safety of saline.

The Ideal Implant is known as a "hybrid" implant because it was designed to incorporate the best features of the saline and silicone implant, resulting in an implant that is as safe as a saline implant, with the natural appearance and feel of a silicone implant. The Ideal Implant was innovatively designed so that on the outside, it resembles a standard saline implant, except it has lowered edges for better contouring against the chest wall and the inside of the implant contains a series of additional implant shells that are nested together. The internal structure means that there is control of the saline movement to reduce bouncing, and also support of the implant edges to minimize wrinkling and prevent collapse of the upper portion. The result is the Ideal Implant, which combines the best of both types of implants for an implant that is safe to use with natural-looking results.

The Ideal Implant uses no new materials from other types of implants. The difference lies in the design of the Ideal Implant. The implant is able to keep its shape due to support to the upper pole and edges of the implant. This reduces any wrinkling or collapse that can result from other implants. The Ideal Implant is designed for women who are at least 18 years old for primary breast augmentation. The Ideal Implant was recently FDA-approved and Dr. Naidu is proud to offer it at her practice.

About Dr. Nina S. Naidu
Dr. Naidu is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College. Her practice focuses on aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, breast, and body, with a special emphasis on breast augmentation and rhinoplasty (nasal reshaping) surgeries. Her reconstructive practice focuses on skin cancer excision and reconstruction. In 2008, Dr. Naidu launched her own skin care line, Anokha, a natural line formulated from botanicals and actives native to South Asia.

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