Hideez Technology, Inc Launches Kickstarter Project for Safeband: A Unique Personal Security Solution

Crowfunding is sought to bring this first-of-its-kind wearable tech to the market.


Leawood, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2014 -- SafeBand is a smart, secure and trustworthy solution to keep daily life as protected as possible. Combining the latest technology with the most useful features in a safety device while protected by a waterproof steel case and offering unprecedent 20-day battery life, SafeBand is unique in every way. SafeBand can protect everything and everyone we care about.

SafeBand redefines wearable tech in becoming as an indispensable to daily life as a cell phone. If SafeBand were only a smart watch it would already be a phenomenal product. That's because it also boasts fitness tracking and all of the other features the market has come to expect from a smart watch. Not stopping there, the accompanying MiniTags allow the SafeBand to track the location of valuable items like smartphones, pocket books, a set of keys or even people. All one need do is put a MiniTag on anything – or anyone – and the SafeBand lets you keep track of everything tagged.

The SafeBand In practically day-to-day application, parents can know exactly where their children are in a busy shopping mall. A woman's expensive handbag can be located in just a few seconds if ever it's stolen. If someone's personal safety is threatened in an empty parking lot at night or anywhere else, a single push of a button summons help right to where it's needed.

The SafeBand is compatible with iPhones and iPads, Android-powered devices and Windows-based computers. The development of the SafeBand is substantially complete with just a few remaining software improvements and tweaks to make to perfect the product.

Crowdfunding is sought to move SafeBand out of product development and into mass production. Several respectable manufacturers have been identified as reliable sources to produce the SafeBand in mass quantities at the highest quality. Backers of this crowdfunding project will enjoy deep discounts off every model of SafeBand when available.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on January 7, 2015.

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About Hideez Technology
Hideez is a team of Ukrainian product and software developers, brought together by Regina Sergiyenko, CEO based in Leawood, Kansas to create the device that will bring peace of mind to people from every walk of life everywhere.