Offers a Little Bit of Something for Everyone has been labeled “The net that fills the gap.”


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2014 -- As of today, the Indexed Web contains around 0.27 billion pages - obviously, the world wide web is bigger than many people think it is. Amongst those sites, many website owners have specific niches that they focus on, such as gaming, technology, pets and gardening. is a site that is amongst them, but they're taking a different approach to the game. Instead of focusing solely on one niche, they have decided to branch out and create a site that is for people from different walks of life.

The categories currently on NetFills include:

- News
- Business
- Technology
- Fashion & Beauty
- Health & Fitness
- Interesting & Fun
. Relationships & Love stands true to their name – they are "the net that fills the gap." They aren't the type of site that is posting filler articles - each one of the articles they post on their website is informative and interesting to read.

Their news section appears to be up to date, with headlines such as "China's 2015 Outlook in Three Words," "Delhi Government Bans Uber, Says It is Misleading Customers," "Was the Sony Cyberattack North Korea's Strike Back at Western Media?" and much more.

The health & fitness section is packed full of articles in this niche. Here, you will find articles such as "Ebola Vaccine from Glaxo Passes Early Safety Test" and "Get Rid of Your Bad Habits in 7 Easy Steps."

In the relationship and love section, there is a lot of content that romantics would want to read. This section consists of titles such as "25 Ways to Say I Love You without Saying a Word," "High Heels Have a Strange Effect on Men, and Here's Proof," "13 Ways to Keep the Flame Burning" and more.

Many readers love visiting the technology section, because it consists of titles such as "Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg criticizes Tim Cook's statement, calls it ridiculous" and "Google admits that advertisers wasted their money on more than half of internet ads."

Regardless of the category the reader clicks on, they will surely find something that is interesting to read. The site is continuously updated on a weekly basis.

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About has a little bit of something for everyone – they have everything from love and relationships to news and technology. "The net that fills the gap" is their motto.

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