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Whole Vitality Introduces a New Product – Milk Thistle

Whole Vitality has introduced a new product on the market. The new product is Milk Thistle.


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2014 -- Whole Vitality, a vitamin company that is well-known announced the release of their new product. The new product is Milk Thistle.

The Milk Thistle Liver Cleanse

For years, milk thistle has been used as a natural supplement to help treat liver problems. Today, a lot of body builders are taking milk thistle in order to repair their liver from those dangerous chemicals they used – this includes steroids and other toxic supplements.

After a large amount of research and planning, Whole Vitality decided to offer the Milk Thistle supplement. They have noticed an increase in the amount of people that use milk thistle due to the other health reasons standing behind it. "We have realized that more consumers are purchasing milk thistle because it can be used to help lower their cholesterol level. Many people, including diabetics are using it. It is a natural supplement with no harmful side effects."

Whole Vitality released the following information about their Milk Thistle Supplement:

- Formulated to support and protect liver health and liver function. It will work as a liver cleanse and a liver detox.
- Complete highest quality blend of milk thistle. Silymarin is the active ingredient.
- Has immune boosting properties and supports immunity for fighting free radical damage.
- The supplement has been made in the USA. Manufactured in an FDA-registered and inspected facility

Here's a list of health benefits attached to using milk thistle:

- Can help lower cholesterol levels (this benefits the heart)
- Can boost the immune system
- Can reduce inflammation as well as oxidative stress
- Is good for the livers health

The milk thistle products available by Whole Vitality can be found at: http://www.wholevitality.com

As a reminder, before adding any type of supplements or vitamins into a daily diet, the individual may want to speak with his or her doctor in order to make sure there are no potential health risks. Ordering via wholevitality.com can be done 24/7.

About Whole Vitality
Whole Vitality was established back in 2012. They offer consumers healthy, natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals. They believe that supplements with whole ingredients are the best foundation for health and disease prevention.

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