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Mintec Systems Publishes Enlightening New Selection of Custom Software Case Studies

Helpful case studies give readers a feel for how properly specified, strategically customized software can produce real competitive advantages and efficiency improvements, Mintec Systems reports


Melbourne, VIC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2014 -- Mintec Systems, one of Australia's leading custom software development firms, announced the publication of a number of new case studies on the company's website. Taken together, the studies give valuable insights into how custom-made software can benefit businesses and organizations by fitting more closely to their needs than off-the-shelf alternatives. Founded in 1979, Mintec Systems offers a wide range of information technology and software development services that can help clients cut costs and raise their levels of organizational effectiveness.

"Understanding just when to look beyond the readily available software solutions is something that takes experience and a special kind of insight," Mintec Systems representative Mike Pratt said, "The newly published case studies on our website give some real-world perspectives on how powerful and transformative custom software can be when it is the result of smart, strategic thinking."

Subject to the pressures of software-company sales teams and the status quo in their industries, the leaders of many companies can come to feel as though off-the-shelf software of various sorts is their only option when it comes to filling crucial business needs. In fact, however, many enterprises of all scales benefit enormously from having custom-specified software built for them, as these tools can more effectively satisfy their requirements and processes than one-size-fits-all alternatives possibly could.

Mintec Systems is one of Australia's leaders at providing such solutions. Over the course of the company's several decades in business, it has developed bespoke software packages for a wide range of clients, from a safety-critical emergency services system for the Metropolitan Fire Brigade of Melbourne to a powerful, flexible premium management package for a specialized insurer.

In every such case, Mintec Systems has first sought to understand the particular client's real underlying needs, as these insights are what allow for the development of custom software systems that will confer competitive advantages when they go into production. In some cases, this might mean developing an entirely new system from the ground up, while in others existing software packages could be productively tied together through the creation of a custom software system of more modest scale.

The newly published case studies on the Mintec Systems website are meant to help site visitors develop a feeling for when custom software services might make a difference for their own organizations. By putting the stories of clients from a wide range of industries on display, the case studies expose just how powerful a tool custom software can be for those who make good use of it. Those who are interested in what Mintec Systems may have to offer to them in terms of custom software or other IT services can also easily schedule free consultations on the website.

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