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Why Regalo Manila Had a Redesign


Quezon City, NCR -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2014 -- Lots of people are asking the company why they have decided on a new look for their website. Since their business has been booming for the last 7 years, changing the design of the website was a risk. But then, the company thinks that it was necessary.

Here are the reasons why Regalo Manila opted for a redesign.

Ranking Factors are Changing

First, the ranking factors on the search engines are changing. Back then, rankings are merely based on the keywords on a page of a website. But now, it is based on different factors. The design plays a major role on whether a website will get ranked or not and this is the main factor that Regalo Manila took into consideration when they redesigned the website.

There are Now a Lot of Mobile Users

Second, the company needed a design that is compatible in mobile devices. After meeting and deliberating, they ruled out that their visitors are no longer coming from browsers alone. Some of them are coming from mobile phones and tablets. With this, the company needed a responsive design that will make the website look good across different gadgets and this is what they have done in the website.

It is About Time for a New Look

Last but not the least; the company thinks that it is timely. After all, the company had not changed the design for the last 7 years. During that time, trends have changed and there are times when the look of the website looks somewhat outdated. With a new design, the website now looks more professional which the company thinks will attract more customers.

About Regalo Manila
With all these reasons, Regalo Manila thinks that it is headed towards more customers and better rankings with their new design.