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Why Should Businesses Go for Land Leasing to Develop Cellular Towers?

With the increased usage of cell phones by people, there has also been an increase in the demand for improved cell coverage and network access. With this, more and more telecommunications companies are looking towards increasing their connectivity and coverage through installing cellular towers.


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2014 -- Many property owners are still unaware of what is right-of-way land leasing and how can they make money over it. Right-of-way (ROW) is basically a privilege that is given to a person to pass over the land that belongs to someone else. This passage consists of a strip of land over a person has the legal right to pass. This also holds true for development of cell towers. When cellular companies wants to provide better coverage and connectivity to their consumers, they decide on what they need to build their towers on a property owned by either the government or private owners and what they need to obtain right of way permission from the land owner.

To obtain grants and permissions and to identify and capture income opportunities along this right-of-way corridor, telecommunication, wireless communications and fiber-optics companies need to hire the services of ROW monetization experts. These professionals focus on value maximization and can help companies to seek new ways to maximize on the underutilized land and corridors to ensure ongoing income streams. They have a list of landlords who can offer land on rent or lease to these companies. Thus, telecommunication companies can save their valuable time that is consumed in searching leasing land for cell towers. ROW experts also provide expertise and capital to complement the existing resources of their clients.

Revenue-sharing arrangements are negotiated by ROW consultants. The sharing of revenue and "who gets what" is determined by the type of service and the infrastructure development opportunities available on that piece of land. Leasing land for cell towers becomes easy with the assistance of right of way management companies.

About Parallel Infrastructure
Parallel Infrastructure is a leading ROW management firm in South Florida. They help telecommunications companies in leasing land for cell towers and assists their clients in minimizing their operational costs.

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