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Quandrant Holdings Announces Instagram Book for Business Marketing

Facebook.com/issaasadauthor is launched to work with the business community so that they can learn how to use social media to their benefit.


Dania, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2014 -- Reporting for the online financial magazine "Entreprenaur.com" Senior Staff Writer Kim Lachance Shandrow wants businesses to know about the advantages of the popular Instagram application for smartphones and mobile devices. In her article "5 Ways Instagram Can Boost Your Marketing Plan" she instructs, "Instagram is quite different from other forms of social media like Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. This app is photography based and not available for use on one's computer screen. Because of this, Instagram quickly emerged as an active marketing tool to reach young consumers and build brand recognition through their hand-held devices."

Kim Lachance Shandrow writes, "This app has become the go-to form of communication for companies who wish to brand themselves through effective marketing. With customer loyalty coming from a stream of photos on one's mobile device, businesses are able to take advantage of the visual appeal of their merchandise in a way that written content has difficulty expressing. Photo contests, direct promotions and coupons work to add more followers daily. In addition to direct access to consumers, potential customers can often arrive at your website merely due to strong word of mouth of their peers."

Meeting the needs of companies that need to learn more about Instagram and involve this mobile app into their marketing strategy is Founder and CEO of Quadrant Holdings Issa Asad. Mr. Asad explains, "I began writing my 'Instant Profits" series of books as a way to aid business owners with the knowledge that I have about online social media and marketing. While it is now common for companies of all sizes to have Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, few companies have taken advantage of the Instagram application as they should. This is highly ironic, because this app was originally designed to work with the visual appeal of digital photographs. It is these photos that can be used from a retail perspective to lure consumers and show them exactly what you have to sell."

Issa Asad elaborates, "I wanted to write my latest book instant profits with instagram to take business people and all those interested in using this medium, step-by-step through the process. I start with something as simple as setting up your account with Instagram. Then I instruct you on how easy it is to gain a following through this app and maintain the attention of your viewers. For me this application is a natural way for any business to express themselves. As someone fortunate enough to live in beautiful South Florida, there is no limit to the photographic opportunities around me. With knowledge and experience, you will be able to use photographs of your own environment, products or company for easy placement onto Instagram."

"I have been someone successful as both an entreprenaur and an online marketer. My books are a way of giving back to the business community. I not only wish to help both large and small companies gain the working knowledge they need about all forms of social media, but enjoy hearing about the many successes they have found in their pursuits." Issa adds, "Through my own social media page found online at http://www.facebook.com/issaasadauthor readers can learn more and contact me directly."

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Issa Asad is the founder, CEO and owner of Quantant Holdings and Q Link Wireless. He is an innovative entrepreneur with well over 15 years experience in Marketing, Management, Telecommunications, Social Media and online strategies for Business Development. Through his series of "Issa Asad Instant Profit" books, he has been able to guide companies of all sizes and varieties in current marketing strategies that can bring them a global presence.