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Rebecca A. Gonzalez Offers Tips to Reach out to Hispanic Americans

Rebecca A. Gonzalez empowers companies with information that could help them sell their products to the Hispanic community.


San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2014 -- Hispanic Americans are all set to emerge as a powerful community within the US and currently the focus of different marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, with the exception of a few brands, none have been able to hit the right chord with audiences.

"A lot of stereotyping about the community exists in the industry. For instance, marketers don't realize that we aren't a homogeneous community, we come from diverse and distinct ethnic groups. Just because we're Latinos, we're assumed to be immigrants who speak only Spanish," says Rebecca A. Gonzalez. Such typecasting only alienates the Hispanic community from businesses that aim to reach this audience.

Rebecca's relationship marketing company helps businesses to build relationships with the Latino community. She helps companies to devise grassroots marketing strategies for the Hispanic market, offers detailed demographic analysis and also helps businesses to recruit Hispanic talent.

"I often advice marketers to be incorporate the Latino culture in such a way that it does not seem obvious. For instance, websites can be built to appeal in a logical and emotional manner. Hispanics are more emotionally driven and hence interact in a personal manner. To convince them about the quality of your product, you may have to connect with them on a personal level," she adds.

Rebecca also organizes event for the Latino community. "Event marketing is a good strategy to attract Hispanic audience. But you will have to first understand the composition of the Latino community in the area. For instance, Mexican Americans are a major Latino community in the US, but in Texas, Honduran population dominates," she adds.

About Rebecca A. Gonzalez and the Gonzalez Group
Rebecca is a Hispanic relationship marketing expert. She is a bilingual native of San Antonio and has worked across the US and Latin America to study the Hispanic marketplace. Through her agency Rebecca develops and designs marketing strategies for the Latino market.

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