Cloud Backup Robot Launches New Version of Automated Backup Software for Data, SQL & More

Cloud Backup Robot has released the latest version of their software, which requires less than a minute of initial set up to achieve everything a backup software needs to do, and more.


Minsk, BY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2014 -- Technology is constantly being driven to its very edge, which is why it is more important than ever that data is backed up to a secure remote location, so that should this heavily tested technology fail, the data it contains is not lost forever. In the 21st century data is becoming ever more valuable and is increasingly the only way we store things of huge importance, from important documents to family photos. Backing up can be a laborious and difficult process however, and making a mistake could lose files. Cloud Backup Robot aims to make it as simple as possible with their newest software.

The new Cloud Backup Robot software offers a 'set up and forget' system which makes it as simple as possible, taking less than a minute of one-time set up. The program can then store SQL Server and Azure database backup copies ( in safe locations like dropbox, google drive, Amazon S3, via FTP or even a local folder.

With full automation, individuals need do no supervision, and are assured no disk space is wasted with compressed ZIP archives. With a free restoration tool included, there is no part of the backup process left uncovered by this stable and secure program. The program works as well for devices as it does for websites.

A spokesperson for Cloud Backup Robot explained, "Cloud Backup Robot is a powerful new version of our popular software and it offers the ultimate in simplicity and reliability. We have worked tirelessly on this newest version to offer the most robust backup system available, and with a free restoration tool packaged in with the software, individuals have no need to fear should the worst happen and their system fail. The tool has everything needed to be back to normal again in no time, with everything stored securely and efficiently elsewhere."

About Cloud Backup Robot
Cloud Backup Robot is an easy-to-use and convenient tool for automating Microsoft SQL Server and Azure database backups. The program creates and stores backups on a local computer, on a LAN or in a cloud (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and other services are supported). Cloud Backup Robot can back up SQL databases on any computers, including remote ones.

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