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Home Inspection Business in Australia Says They Are Needed in the Real Estate Industry

Safe and Sound Property Inspections claims that a home inspection service plays a vital role, whether one is in the pursuit of selling or buying a commercial or residential property.


Port Melbourne, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2014 -- A business that offers property inspection service in Australia says that they have, and will continue to become an indispensable asset in the real estate sector. When Chris Wright, one of its directors was asked why they are confident that this trend will continue in the future, he mentioned that it's because laws are now stricter, plus buyers and sellers want extra protection when parting or acquiring a property. He further cited some news in the industry that support his statement.

In the website for example of Queensland Government, one of its pages featured something about buying property an auction. It mentioned that the cooling off period (5-day grace for buyers to rethink the property deal) is not available if the buyer was acquired through an auction. This means that the buyer has no choice but to settle the contract, even if the property obviously did not pass home inspection, if he is unsure about it, or even if he does not have the financial capability to close it. The website further advised buyers that this could be avoided by performing necessary precautions such as asking for a building inspection report. In support to this advice, Fair Trading NSW says that inspection should not only include interior or exterior home inspection, but a combination or both.

In Ontario, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation's External Research Program conducted funded a research in 2002, with the goal of understanding how the home improvement sector. This was made, following events where homes were subject to home inspection, but under the direction of an unqualified or uncertified personnel. The research project looked into home inspection as a mandatory process, instead of it being voluntary. In the end, the research was concluded were all respondents agreed that voluntary inspection is the better option because mandatory inspection has its not-so-positive implications for the industry itself, and other parties involved. Nonetheless, this still recognised the importance of home inspection as a whole in the real estate sector. One of its respondents commented that acceptable standard instead of mandatory inspection should be greatly considered.

For Mark Brandon, inspector at Safeand Sound Property Inspections, the home inspection industry is safe, thanks to the soaring sales of the real estate sector. But just because this is so, he says that those engaged in home inspection services should still consider the quality of service that they give to their customers. "Because this is what will let you grow your business. How do I know this? We have been able to pull our business through the lows. This is how we did it."

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