When Technique Meets Technology - The Average Golfer Will Hit Their Drives Like a Pro


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2014 -- These are the two most important items in golf. Technique (how you swing) and Technology (what you swing), and they are both from the total opposite sides of the golfing spectrum. Until now! Thanks to Jack Hamm (The Hammer) golf's long drive legend.

When you see The Hammer preparing to hit a tee shot you'll be shocked that he is not some ultra muscled, 29 year old kid. Although he still looks 29, at 6'4" tall and 185 lbs he looks more like a blond surfer, not at all what you'd expect the king of long drives to look like. Now this is the part that is hard to believe, he's closer to 60 than he is to 50 and yet his drives routinely soar past the 400 yard mark! Technique or Technology?

Let's back up a minute. This is Jack Hamm the 6 time Guinness World Record holder and long drive champion, (Not Jack Ham the Hall of Fame linebacker from the 70's.) Jack Hamm the golfer is a gifted athlete, and he is also an engineer, inventor and businessman, who's designed, manufactured and sold millions of golf clubs world-wide over the past 25 years.

Let's think about the dreaded TECHNIQUE. It goes something like this, head down left arm straight, stick out your butt, don't move your head, put your keys in your left pocket, don't wiggle, put your right foot in and shake it all about, WAIT!! WAIT!! WAIT A MINUTE!! Who can remember all of this Technique stuff and still make the perfect shot? No One!!

Every year golfers pour hundreds of millions of dollars into golf equipment. The little bit of their kid's college fund that's left goes into some type of instruction. There are over 25 million golfers under achieving at the game they love, and looking in all the wrong places for what they hope, are all the right answers to their golfing woes.

The simple solution to their problem is the ultimate technique artist,Jack (the Hammer) Hamm. Jack has traveled the world teaching and demonstrating his incredibly effective, powerful, repeatable, and almost "how come I didn't think of that" simplistic hitting technique "The Hammer Secret". With A Guinness World Record swing speed of 162 miles per hour, as recorded by Golf Digest, no golfer, dead or alive has ever equaled the incredible power of the Hammer. It's 100% technique. Hamm says "Give me 30 minutes with Daly, Couples, Norman or Nicklaus and I will add 30 yards to their drives". "Give me 30 minutes with any golfer anywhere and I guarantee them a minimum of 30 yards". Oh by the way, one of Jack's world records is a monstrous drive of 458 yards in the air, think of it, over a quarter of a mile in the air, that's some Technique.

Jack Hamm, as well as all of us has gotten a little older. He felt he needed to develop a driver that would compensate for that bit of distance we all lose.

Now for the TECHNOLOGY part of the story.

Jack Hamm was the inventor of the first over-sized Big Head metal driver, THE HAMMER. Being a believer that bigger is not always better, he didn't want to build another big and clumsy "cow bell sounding" driver. Being the engineer he is, Jack figured out that these big clumsy drivers are like swinging a Volkswagen through the air creating drag and slowing down your swing speed. That's why he reinvented the golf driver and is now is very proud to introduce the all new Hammer X Driver. This club has virtually no body, you can actually see through it! No bulk and no CC's. Instead it's a unique club face that's all SWEET SPOT!! The result of this amazing Technology is the fastest acceleration of any driver ever made. The Hammer X Driver has a unique streamlined shape that literally cuts through the air faster than any of the age old, big, bulky 460CC drivers which dominate the market today. All of the 460CC drivers, most of them over-priced at $300.00 to $500.00 just became obsolete! It's that simple.

Recent Flight Scope tests conducted in Florida, rated the Hammer X Driver an average of 10 MPH faster (club head speed at impact) than the Taylor Made R-9, the Nike SQ Sumo and the Callaway FT-IQ in their most recent configurations. Each mile per hour (MPH) faster is worth an extra 4 yards of distance on every tee shot, that's an average of 40 yards, that's right 40 yards longer than all of these expensive drivers.

The Hammer X Drivers revolutionary Power Core design and a 600 milometer sweet spot transfers significantly more kinetic energy into the golf ball than any other golf club on the market today, and more kinetic energy means a faster traveling ball going farther.

The second part of this amazing Technology is probably the most incredible, The X Shaft. It's flat like a sword. The patented X Shaft is really flat! It looks like a wing and it cuts aero dynamically through the air just like a knife cutting through butter. Because it cuts through the air like a sword, it actually guides itself into the ball, reducing stick wobble. What an amazing invention, you actually feel it's "auto pilot" effect as it cuts through the air launching, your tee shot long and dead straight every time.

Jack Hamm might be in his mid fifties but he's hitting the ball farther today, (thanks to The Hammer X Driver) than he did when he was in his twenties. Now that's improving with age!

About X Factor Sports
Jack Hamm's company, X Factor Sports is a full line club manufacture, they make every club in the bag, Putters, wedges, irons, fairway woods, and of course drivers. Every club they manufacture is designed to improve your game. All of their products are incredibly unique and you really need to go to to check-out this amazing line up of quality golf equipment.

This is truly the one stop shop for TECHNIQUE (Jacks how to books and DVDs) and TECHNOLOGY (Jack's full line of clubs including the HammerX driver).

Jack Hamm's latest television show is set to begin its nationwide debut in 2015, check your listings and watch Jack Hamm hammer the new Hammer-X driver.

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