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First Response Releases Consumer Guide for Holiday Shoppers on How to Select Medical Alarm Systems and Avoid Scams Targeting Seniors


Brewster, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2014 -- First Response, America's leading provider of emergency medical alarm devices and monitoring dispatch services for senior adults and individuals with chronic disabilities, has released a timely online consumer guide that advises holiday shoppers on how to select the best medical alert system for themselves or a loved one. As an added benefit, this easy-to-understand guide also serves to inform seniors and their family member caregivers to the pitfalls of telemarketing scams that are so prevalent this time of year and how to detect them at the outset.

Scott Hazlewood, Director of Client Services for First Response System advises, "Our Consumer Guide is meant to be a powerful tool in the hands of our consumers. Educating holiday shoppers on what systems are most compatible to specific user lifestyles and needs while providing a list of the right questions to ask prospective providers is critical to the decision process. During this frenzied holiday shopping period, everyone can use this insightful information to make their shopping process quicker, easier and more stress-free."

The online guide, available in the blog section of the company's website, covers a wide spectrum of topics that can easily be digested and implemented by savvy consumers, young and elder adults alike. These topics include features and benefits of different systems and panic alert devices, critical emergency monitoring service and dispatch protocols, live operator credentials, challenges to non-technical users of certain systems, ancillary provider services and customer service, matching budget to the right system and more.

More strikingly, the First Response Consumer Guide contains insightful information that some national providers of medical alert systems for seniors may not want consumers to know. Some revealing examples include various hidden fees (upfront service charges that are deemed unnecessary and cost prohibitive), long term agreements committing users to systems they might not need in future years, unnecessary technologies and limited field-tested applications that may be burdensome to elder adult users.

Greg Ribaudo, General Manager of First Response and a respected technical advisor to the industry, further states, "With the recent advancement and adoption of new technologies within the medical alarm industry, consumers are now faced with even more choices in their devices and applications than ever before. Our Consumer Guide will help consumers cut through the clutter of information, marketing messages and advertising claims in order to find the right system and best provider to more effectively meet their needs and budget."

While the majority of respectable national providers of emergency medical alarm systems has never been more accessible via the internet, the holiday shopping season serves as an opportunity for the burgeoning telemarketing and direct mail scam market to target seniors and family members with promises of government subsidized systems and services. First Response System provides these at-risk consumers with helpful Consumer Guide tips to detect fraudulent practices and solicitations from the outset thereby preventing serious compromise of personal information and identity theft. As a supplemental service, First Response System has established a complimentary, nationwide toll-free phone service at 866-930-1130 to provide consumers with more in-depth advice and counsel.

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First Response is a national provider of affordable medical alarm systems and emergency monitoring services, medical equipment and independent living products, and fall prevention and home safety education programs.

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