DYLN Inspired Develops a New Eco-Friendly Water Bottle for Alkaline Water on the Go

Portable Bottle Creates Alkaline Water


Costa Mesa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2014 -- DYLN Inspired has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their first production order for their new revolutionary reusable water bottle that creates alkaline water on the go—the DYLN Living Water Bottle.

With its unique design, the DYLN Living Water Bottle is a high quality, sustainable bottle that is easy to use for individuals who simply want to drink healthier water. "I created the DYLN Living Water Bottle to simply drink hydrating alkaline water whenever and wherever," said Dorian Ayres, the President and Founder at DYLN Inspired. The eco-friendly 750 mL bottle is made of the highest quality food-grade 316 stainless steel, and its patented ergonomic design fits perfectly in anyone's hand. It comes with a replaceable VitaBead Diffuser, which is a natural mineral diffuser that increases the pH in water immediately and reduces the waters Oxidation Reduction Potential (OPR) to a negative level. Each diffuser has a 400-refill lifespan. The bottle also features a bamboo cap and a removable silicone sleeve to make it easier to grip.

Drinking alkaline water can improve an individual's overall health by providing antioxidants and boosting the immune system. The water is also known to slow the aging process through detoxification of toxins and free-radicals from the body. However, until now, alkaline water has been limited to inconvenient alkaline water systems or single-use plastic bottles. Alkaline water systems are expensive and non-portable, while single-use water bottles contribute to waste and can take up to 500 years to biodegrade. There has yet to be a sustainable, affordable and simple solution to obtaining and drinking alkaline water, until now.

About DYLN
DYLN Inspired has found a way to contribute to improved health and hydration without compromising the environment. They believe consumers should have easy access to alkaline water that is inexpensive and portable. Launching the Kickstarter allows them to share their idea and project with many enthusiastic and supportive people. The Kickstarter campaign will fund their first production order, with bottles being shipped to customers by May 2015. The campaign will end on January 20, 2015.

Learn more about DYLN Living Water Bottle and make a contribution today by visiting their Kickstarter campaign http://kck.st/1z6dISU.

DYLN Inspired
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Contact: Dorian Ayres
Title: President
Phone: 949-887-6105
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