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How the Power of Positivity Is Working All over the World


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2014 -- While it is common to hear that a positive attitude will lead to a better life, many still ask to see the evidence. Kristen and Chris Butler, the founders of the Power of Positivity, experienced firsthand the impact of a positive outlook and lifestyle can have on their lives. Five years ago, they were both over 300 pounds, jobless, and bankrupt. They never let any of that get them down and stayed positive throughout their trying times. With that mindset, they completely turned their lives around, losing over a combined 300 pounds and finding a purposeful mission. Since then, the Power of Positivity has witnessed the impact it has on its rapidly growing website and community.

David Rosenberg found their Facebook page after he was laid off and feeling down about himself. He had made some poor financial decisions and found his family struggling to make ends meet. After embracing the messages of the Power of Positivity, he found that he was feeling better about his life and good things began to occur. David said, "It absolutely works and people gravitate to it." He now has his family's finances back on track, created a positive team with his wife, and received multiple job offers. David believes all of the good happening in his life is directly tied to him discovering the Power of Positivity. Now his only regret is that he did not find their website and community earlier.

Caroline S. is another member of their expanding website and community who has witnessed the benefits of a positive outlook. She wrote to Kristen and Chris to tell them how helpful and inspirational their website has been for her. Caroline has found she is always able to apply their posts to her daily life and looks forward to reading the new articles. Casey M. has also found the website and community to be a major help in her life. As a positivity life coach, Casey shares the Power of Positivity's posts with clients for inspiration and has turned many of them on to the page as well.

There are numerous truly inspiring stories from members of their website and community that managed to turn their lives around and become happier individuals by believing in the page's core principals. Those interested in reading more testimonials and stories of positivity can visit their website or any of their social media pages.

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Power of Positivity provides coverage of a variety of topics focusing on helping people live their best life. Started in 2009, Power of Positivity seeks to spread positive energy across the world through actions, attitudes, thoughts, and words. The website offers insight and advice on adding positivity to personal and professional lives from sources ranging from inspirational editorials to professional resources.

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