New Bestseller Reveals the Tell-Tale Signs and Proves We Are Biologically Designed to Be Joyful… and Healthy


Santa Monica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2014 -- Laughter Deficit Disorder or LDD occurs when life seems too serious, stressful or overwhelming and we are unable to laugh or play enough. It can seriously affect our immune systems. The shocking truth is that most people who suffer from it don't know it and don't know that it can be rectified.

We live in a time of great stress, both personal and global. We are bombarded with negative news 24/7. Just in the nick of time comes a little treasure of a life-enhancing book, The P.L.A.Y. Formula™, by Susan and Julian Lange, Doctors of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncturists, who together have served thousands of patients over the decades with great results. The P.L.A.Y. Formula™ offers four easy steps to solve the problem of LDD and move towards a "more juicy… delicious… magical… funnier and on-purpose life. Right now!"

The P.L.A.Y. Formula™: Boost Your Immune System in Four Easy Steps is the first book in the Langes' educational and uplifting series of publications.

This book shows readers how to raise their "Ultimate Feel Good Factor" to a very high level, and how to keep it there. Your "Ultimate Feel Good Factor" is vital for true health and happiness. It also keeps the dreaded Laughter Deficit Disorder at bay. So instead of taking a pill for LDD we can read The PLAY Formula!

About The P.L.A.Y. Formula™
"The P.L.A.Y. Formula™ addresses a deep need in humanity that few understand—healing laughter: the ability to laugh at ourselves and see the funny side of things that go wrong. Every one of us needs to exercise and develop this capacity until we can detach from the traumas, worries and fears that enslave us and open to the lightness, happiness and joy that we can be living."
~Rufina James, MM, Health Educator, Author and Publisher

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