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Discovery Channel Innovations Program Features Minneapolis Alcohol Treatment Center

The episode explores drug and alcohol treatment techniques and successes experienced at Health Recovery Center of Minneapolis.


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2014 -- Minneapolis's Health Recovery Center (HRC) will be featured on Discovery Channel's Innovations program hosted by Ed Begley Jr. The episode will premiere on December 18th where host Ed Begley Jr examines the advanced treatment approaches offered at Health Recovery Center.

Health Recovery Center takes a holistic approach to addiction treatment. The innovative research done in their published long-term study has shown abstinence rates of 74% for patients three years after receiving treatment at Health Recovery Center. No other peer-reviewed study has demonstrated such a high abstinence rate.

While recognizing the important factors of physical and mental health in treating addiction, Health Recovery Center (HRC) does not replace drugs and alcohol with more psychiatric drugs in its recovery approach. The Innovations episode will show how HRC determines, through labs, the underlying physical causes driving addictions, cravings, and brain instabilities. The episode will highlight the successful solving of abnormal states by proving their underlying causes and correcting them, not with drugs, but with the chemicals vital to creating human life.

Of those 74% who remained abstinent three years after treatment, all of them reported living free of cravings and unstable moods!

Health Recovery Center (HRC) sits at the cutting edge of Twenty-First Century treatment for alcohol and drugs. Since 1935, alcohol addiction treatment practices have tried, and largely failed, to cure the disease. Most alcohol and drug treatment centers treat the disease of addiction as a "character defect," and not as a physical disease ... so most treatment is talk therapy with no bio-repair. Recovery rates remain no better than those who stop using alcohol or drugs on their own, only about a 10% success rate. By treating addiction as a physical disease first, HRC has been able to vastly improve success rates.

About Health Recovery Center
Founded by Joan Mathews Larson, Ph.D. HRC offers drug-free treatment of alcoholism, chemical dependency, depression, and other emotional disorders. Dr. Larson founded HRC after the suicide of her son, a short time after he completed a traditional 12-Step Program. According to a large study from the Archives of General Psychiatry, one-of-four treated alcoholics commit suicide following treatment. Since 1981, Health Recovery Center's addiction recovery program has attracted clients from around the world and has produced the highest success rates for addiction treatment in the US.

Health Recovery Center
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