GT Fitness Concepts

GT Fitness Concepts Opens Its Doors to Transform the Fitness Business in Little Falls New Jersey

GT Fitness Concepts has opened for business and offers a unique and committed service, helping people transform their bodies with one to one, tailored training regimes matched to their goals.


Little Falls, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2014 -- Fitness is often at the back of people's minds over the Christmas season, but as soon as New Year arrives it returns with a vengeance. At that point many people seek to sign up to gyms and personal training regimes to help them cut off the holiday excess and get a body closer to their ideal. Not all gyms, and not all trainers are created equally however, and so finding the best trainer requires some searching. GT Fitness Concepts has opened just in time to take advantage of this rush, and personal trainer George Tsemberlis guarantees an unforgettable and effective training experience.

The new gym makes use of high quality varied equipment and imaginative applications to build the body's strength, flexibility and resilience, and every individual who enters the gym will be treated individually, their own goals and aims worked toward through a custom tailored regime.

GT Fitness Concept is celebrating their launch with a holiday special, offering three sessions for $69 dollars, a perfect Christmas gift for anyone in New Jersey who wants to improve their fitness and physique.

A spokesperson for GT Fitness Concepts explained, "We are thrilled to be launching our new business at a time when people are most likely to be actively engaged in fitness, and what we want to maximize is retention- not just for us, but for those we are serving. Too many people start the year with good intentions but don't find the process stimulating or rewarding enough to stick with it long term, and that's the difference we make on behalf of all our clients. We ensure everyone is treated with care and attention to their specific focus and goals, and will create a community atmosphere that keeps people coming back."

About GT Fitness Concepts
GT Fitness Concepts Personal Training Gym, based out of Woodland Park, NJ, offers one-on-one personal training, small group personal training with 2 to 4 people, Boot Camp, Willpower & Grace, Pound Fitness, and Bridal Boot Camp classes. Anyone looking for a unique and individualized fitness experience will find what they need at GT Fitness Concepts Personal Training Gym. For more information please visit: