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"Absolute Personalization": A Strikingly Simple Key to Weight Loss


Bangalore, Karnataka -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2014 -- In today's online world, there are hundreds and thousands of weight loss methods available in the form of diets, supplements, exercises, pills, music therapy, reiki, NLP, hypnotherapy and so on. All of them are there and are tried by millions of buyers across the globe. These methods have been developed by so called experts in their own fields and made available for purchase via online mechanisms where a buyer pays online and gets the product or service delivered.

It has been noted that there is hardly any success through these products or services in terms of percentage success. Less than 5% of the buyers see results and less than 2% of the buyers see permanent results. The issue is not that these methods don't work. But the issue is that these methods are generalized for the average person. These methods do not focus on the individual's personality or lifestyle or beliefs, but offer a single solution to everyone.

While all of us understand the importance of these solutions, offers a solution that is personalized for each and every buyer. Every buyer needs to take up a personality test where the team understands his/her taste, motivations, aspirations, fears, history etc. and then offer personalized Audio book chapters to every individual. This is the reason why the site sees enormous success by maintaining a strong balance between personalization and online automation.

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