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Topics covered include children and divorce, divorce law and finance, and domestic abuse, as these issues appear in many divorce cases, reports The Divorce Magazine


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2014 -- The Office for National Statistics reports 118,140 divorces were recorded in England and Wales in 2012, a 0.5 percent increase over the previous year. Individuals between the ages of 40 and 44 accounted for the largest percentage of divorcing couples, and these statistics fail to take into account couples who chose to pursue a divorce abroad. Individuals affected by divorce find they can obtain help and advice through The Divorce Magazine, a publication devoted to issues which frequently arise during and following the dissolution of a marriage.

"The Office of National Statistics found that approximately 48 percent of couples divorcing during this time period have a minimum of one child at home, with a child being one under the age of 16 at the time the marriage ended. This works out to 99,822 youngsters affected, and The Divorce Magazine understands how this can be a traumatic time for all involved. The publication offers a section on children and divorce, one which focuses on parenting after a divorce, how to co-parent during the holiday season, and more," Soila Sindiyo, spokesperson for The Divorce Magazine, explains.

Couples looking to divorce find this resource to be of aid also, as it includes a section on family mediation. Individuals often wonder if mediation is the best option or if they would obtain a more favorable outcome in family court. This is one of many issues addressed in the family mediation section of the website. Other topics covered include collaborative law and children and the family mediation process. Any person contemplating a divorce should take the time to read this section before proceeding.

"Mediation helps to end the marriage amicably. Although situations exist where mediation isn't called for, such as in cases of domestic abuse, many couples find they can resolve their differences with less conflict when this option is selected. When one chooses mediation, all parties find they have more input and therefore more control over the process. Many opt for this solution as they believe they have a better understanding of what is needed, thanks to their extensive knowledge of the relationship. Family court authorities don't have this insight, therefore they make decisions based on facts without considering special circumstances. Mediation solves this problem," Sindiyo continues.

One question many have when the time comes to divorce revolves around how their finances will be affected. Some wonder if they would fare better if they initiate the divorce abroad rather than in the UK. Others wonder if they will be able to afford a solicitor to represent them in the divorce proceeding and how to go about choosing one. Topics such as these are also covered by The Divorce Magazine.

"Turn to The Divorce Magazine as soon as you decide you want to dissolve your marriage. Doing so allows you to obtain the information you need quickly and easily. You have enough on your mind at this time, therefore you shouldn't spend countless hours looking for information. With the help of this site, you can get the facts you require in a short period of time," Sindiyo states.

About The Divorce Magazine
Divorce affects many families and yet there aren't a number of comprehensive resources to address various issues which arise from the dissolution of a marriage. Issues covered in this publication include children and divorce, domestic abuse, physical well being, and more. Individuals going through a divorce find this resource to be of great assistance as they navigate their way through a whole new way of life.