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Charlie Zeros Last-Ditch Attempt the Food for Thought Book for All


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2014 -- With the arrival of Charlie Zero's Last-Ditch Attempt, it is time to get rid of the hard-core task of looking for the most popular and the best books this year. This book is simply great for leisure-time reading enthusiasts. It is one of the most favorite picks of most editors among the Books of the Year in nonfiction, children's books, mysteries and fiction. The book has been written by Harvey Havel, an author who makes his readers see things from his point of view.

The main protagonist of this story is Charlie Zero, an inconspicuous man with the chief focus of chasing reality which actually does not exist. Harvey Havel has beautifully explained the complicated machinations of his character's mind along with the character's internal dialogue bubbling with unrest. Charlie's perception of love, success and women are twisted to a great extent and it might be concluded that Charlie's character is completely delusional. Charlie is a character that can be judged very easily, but the reader cannot stay away from feeling his torment. Harvey Havel has created his character to see his suffering with unspoiled clarity. The book is an explicit example of humanity looking for happiness, love and success. The book depicts a worrying story and at the same time it is a very clearly textured thoughtful book characterizing humor as well as emotions.

Different authors have come up with their own elaboration and understanding of Harvard's character named Charlie. Author of the book On the Edge of a Rainbow, Bonnie Law, puts forward that Charlie Zero is not a zero but he is an individual who lacks in self-esteem. He possesses perceptions which are socially isolated and these perceptions administer his longing for love, camaraderie and fulfillment. Charlie stands as a victim of money, sex and materialism governing the modern world. Charlie is certainly not exclusive, but yes, he is unusual. The author of this book, namely Harvard Havel has successfully portrayed a character tired of observations with the real motivation of finding true love and deliverance. The society, as portrayed by Harvard, is one which derides a dreamer and actually rewards a schemer.

About Charlie Zero's Last-Ditch Attempt
The tale narrated in the book is complicated, but it is challenging and revealing at times. The poet and author of Ophelia's Offspring, Robert Milby, recommends reading this book for experiencing the absolute adventure of going through Charlie's trials and perceptions. The book is quite compelling and it delves you deep into thinking about your own life. Harvard Havel has wisely used a descriptive style of writing, which makes you imagine the scenes in your mind. The book is also very relatable meaning humanity, on the whole is in quest of love, happiness and success. There are always some harsh and some maze realities in our minds and we are unable to read them. The original price of this book is $33.82 but Amazon has got it for its customers at $29.55. The book has been published by America Star Books, it contains 316 pages and measures 6 x 0.7 x 9 inches.

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