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Emotional Future Pacing Key to Permanent Weight Loss

Michael Phelps is a swimmer no one needs introduction to.


Bangalore, Karnataka -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2014 -- Michael Phelps is a swimmer no one needs introduction to. Similarly greats like Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and other champions have one thing in common. We are not discussing about their skills or talent or what they have achieved in life, but we are discussing about their preparation methods. Each and every one of them has undergone a particular type of mental conditioning in the psychological training offered by their expert team of coaches.

Emotional future pacing is a concept where the trainee is mentally made to visualize and feel each and every part of the success over and over again every day. This not only involves a detailed view of the entire journey from now to the success, but also a detailed view of all the obstacles, hurdles and problems that one might possibly encounter. Visualizing the success in detail again and again also involves run down of emotions of triumph, fatigue, pain, happiness etc at each and every stage with the final emotion of achievement at the end of every visualization. lays key emphasis on a personalized approach to weight loss for every individual. Emotional future pacing is an advanced stage in weight loss results and is usually conducted after initial treatments. Emotional future pacing is more important to ensure that the weight loss is permanent and not temporary. Thus being one of the most important audio book chapters in the entire weight loss audio book program

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