10 Revolutionary Ways to Exceed Expectations as a Leader in Today's Changing Business Climate


Ottawa, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2014 -- In this new bestseller, 10 Discussions for Effective Leadership: 10 Ways to Exceed Your Expectations as a Leader author, Raymond Perras has developed a unique and groundbreaking effort to bring forward issues that often do not get dealt with in leadership discussions.

Teaming up with two leadership coaching clients (Marcel Bellefeuille from the world of professional sports, and Bruno Lindia, a CEO and business owner), Perras provides a leader with insight into how to maximize results while reducing stress. Tapping their experiences in leading and coaching leaders in action, the authors have shared insights into some of the less glamorous aspects of leadership. Based on the concept of Peak Performance (the right stuff, in the right amount, at the right timeTM), the goal is to raise a leader's awareness to the fact that team results can be improved when attention is paid to those specific aspects of leadership in order to increase effectiveness. The implementation of a thinking process that ensures a continuous effort to seek peak performance ultimately enables everyone in the team to exceed expectations.

The book provides insight into the state of leadership, highlighting the results of research done in 2011 by Development Dimensions International, to guide the reader's focus toward some leadership traps that can torpedo the best efforts to be an effective leader. In a "three distinct statement" approach, each of the 10 chapters addresses one of the activities or issues that the authors have identified as mission-critical for a leader based on their professional experience Attention to these 10 actions will most certainly propel a leader to leadership excellence.

About Raymond Perras
Raymond Perras is a certified instructor/facilitator, a certified professional coach and a certified life coach with over twenty years experience coaching individuals and organizations in peak performance in both business and sports.

His Amazon Bestseller AïM for Life Mastery provides the framework and the techniques and practices that can help you to install a program in your daily routine that will ensure uniform, consistent and repeatable results. His 10 Discussions for Effective Leadership aims to guide leaders to higher levels of performance through effective action on 10 different aspects of leadership. Insights on actions that seldom get proper recognition are provided to help the reader understand that little things sometime make the biggest difference.

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