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RainFalls So Your Light Can Shine: Powerful Collection of Uplifting Fiction Urges Readers to Love, Forgive & Triumph Through Their Pain

Kay Nicole Varner’s celebrated new book contains a myriad of motivational connecting short stories that demonstrate the true power of forgiveness. In a world where millions stunt their personal growth and happiness due to bitterness and regret, Varner urges them to learn to forgive themselves and others for a new life of abundance.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2014 -- While billions claim to love, most people succumb to the toxic epidemic of bitterness towards themselves and others. While it may first appear to be counter-intuitive, author Kay Nicole Varner calls on everyone to let go, forgive and move forward.

This hard-to-find yet potentially life-changing inspiration comes in the form of a new book. 'RainFalls So Your Light Can Shine: If You Let It' contains connected short pieces of fiction that can heal anyone's pain and help them regain the happiness they thought was gone for good.


How many times have you heard the phrase 'life happens' after an uneventful or detrimental act was executed against you? Or better yet, how many times have you wondered or maybe even asked yourself, 'why me' after experiencing the loss of a job or marriage?

RainFalls explains how one can find strength to move on despite challenges, mistakes, or hardships faced when using love and forgiveness as a guide.

"Let's be honest here; everyone struggles to forgive themselves and others," admits the author. "This prevents them from living a fulfilled life, instead leading to one consumed with anger, regret, sadness and bitterness. The point of this book is to demonstrate just how easy it is to find the will to love and forgive in the shadow of life's worst pain."

Continuing, "There is nobody this book doesn't apply to, and it makes a great gift even for those who appear to be most happy. Our inner demons often don't show their faces publicly, and I don't think there's anyone in the world who wouldn't benefit from the message I have to share."

Readers agree, leaving a string of positive reviews. Carlos comments, "An authentic read. The author doesn't mince the narrative with fluff but rather she shifts the characters' baggage and scars to speak to a positive conclusion of Love and Forgiveness."

Ulanda B adds, "It has been years since I have read a book of short stories. These stories are encouraging and a great reminder of the importance of forgiveness. I honestly and absolutely enjoyed every minute. A great read! Well done!"

Ms. Reynolds praised the book's diverse narrative, writing, "This book illustrated stories of everyday life. The courage of moving on, forgiveness and faith. I loved how the story lines changed moving forward and then the new story reached back to a previous story. Brilliant!!"

'RainFalls So Your Light Can Shine: If You Let It' is available now: http://amzn.to/1J2lhzr

About Kay Nicole Varner
The author lives in Georgia