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Hidden Bible Dates Revealed: Doctor's Ground-Breaking Book Exposes Jesus' Actual Birthday, Plus 400+ Proven Dates from Biblical Events

Meticulously researched and translated by Dr. Sir William L. Smith over five years, ‘Hidden Bible Dates Revealed’ shows the actual dates of events including the birth of Jesus, exact dates of his miracles, the birthday of John the Baptist and many other pivotal events. Written for those who cannot read each script’s native language, Dr. Smith’s book will help anyone grow closer to their faith through a deeper understanding of each text’s true timeline against the modern Julian calendar. Dr. Smith has recently handed an official report of his findings over to the Catholic Church.


Georgetown, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2014 -- The Bible contains hundreds of tentative pivotal dates - from Adam being formed from the ground through to true game-changers such as the birth of Jesus Himself. Few have the linguistic ability to dive into dozens of books written in a myriad of languages to build a definitive chronology – except Dr. William Smith, whose critically-acclaimed book takes over four hundred vital events and puts them on the modern-day Julian calendar.

Everything is showcased in, 'Hidden Bible Dates Revealed'. The author's vast knowledge of many traditional languages has been put to the test as he worked diligently through Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic to illuminate the Bible and its history like never before. His book includes the years in which Cain and Abel were born, the dates of the ten plagues of Egypt, the date when Jesus walked on water, His true birthday and even when Michael went to war in Heaven against the Dragon – as each event was originally recorded in the scriptures.


This book is designed to show the dates of events as they are recorded in the King James 1514 Bible, the St. Joseph 1611 Bible, the Torah, the Babylonian Talmud, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Oracles of Sibyl, and the Septuagint, as they would fall on today's Julian Calendar.

"Put simply, most cannot understand the old languages in which key scriptures and text were written," says Dr. Smith, who has also partially completed Priest, Minister and Rabbi training and obtained his Doctorate in 2014. "The more I studied the Bible, the more I'd see the same dates cropping up; but it appeared that nobody understood them or really cared about when they actually took place. This inspired me to clarify a concrete timeline and convert it to today's calendar."

Continuing, "I specialize in ancient and dead languages, but this project was by no means easy. Translating between even similar languages is tough and meanings are often lost, so I had a huge responsibility to remain true to the facts."

With the work now complete and his book published, Dr. Smith has officially reported his finding to the Catholic Church.

"The book answers some key questions – such as who Job was, the grandson of Jacob, when Jonah was spit out of the great fish. I also shed light on the actual dates of many of Jesus' most powerful miracles. There's over 400 dated events, making this a must-read for anyone interested in history, religion or philosophy," he adds.

'Hidden Bible Dates Revealed' is available now: http://amzn.to/SIm9nq.

About Sir William L. Smith PhD.
Sir William L. Smith PhD. specializes in ancient and dead languages. He has studied Hebrew writings (pre-Babylonia), Aramaic, Latin, Greek, Samaritan, Babylonian, Akkadian, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and some Sanskrit.

He has studied at some of the best colleges, among them the University of Jerusalem where he studied Ancient Hebrew History and Harvard, where he took classes in Greek theology. Smith spent almost 7 years studying to be a Priest, spent two years studying to be a Minister, then went through basic Rabbi training.

However, he is now proud to be a simple man who loves and wanted to know more about God, nothing more.