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Word to the Wise: Albino Author's New Book Exposes "Power of Perception"; Empowering Readers from All Walks of Life to Rise Above Negativity

Chris Jones stormed the literary scene in 2013 with ‘Insight of Perseverance’, a compelling and intimate look into the life of an albino sufferer who knows how to smash through life’s boundaries. Jones is now back with ‘Word to the Wise’, his eagerly-awaited second volume that melds his personal story of triumph with an uplifting message of encouragement to those who feel life’s odds are stacked against them.


Princeton, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2014 -- Chris Jones spent his early years like many visually impaired people do – trying to find a way to either hide or supress their disability's symptoms so they can compete with their able-bodies peers. However, Jones quickly learned that his afflictions were a gift and, after embracing who he was as a person, excelled through education to invent a cutting-edge energy storage and harvesting device.

Jones told his story in 2013's 'Insight of Perseverance'. Having since noticed the plight and struggles millions are facing with their own adversity, Jones is back on the scene with 'Word to the Wise: The Power of Perception'.


Do you have dreams? Do you feel like they are within your reach? A lot of people want to accomplish something but so many factors are holding them back. Whether it's a deeply rooted lack of belief in oneself, seemingly insurmountable obstacles, or a chorus of naysayers, I want to show you how you can rise above the negativity. Perceptions can make or break us; if we learn to make the most of perceptions, we can achieve and succeed in anything.

Self-help books might show you why you think or act in a certain way, but my book is a guide to believing in yourself and others. It doesn't matter if you were born with a disability or a silver spoon. Everyone is different, and it is in sharing our experiences that we can move toward our goals.

I believe that each person who reads this book will find something meaningful that can be applied as we traverse this interesting journey called life.

"Many readers are taking my words to heart, which is every author's dream," explains Jones. "This is why I write; not to get rich, but to change the lives of people everywhere. I broke even on my last book, but I'd have turned down a million dollars in place of the pride I felt knowing that my book spoke directly to so many people struggling in their own lives."

Continuing, "This book doesn't preach to people, but rather calls them into action through sharing my own story. Many people who haven't achieved their dreams feel alone; often choosing to suffer in silence. My goal is to bring them out of the woodwork into a place where they can recognize their dreams with gusto!"

Jones' first book enjoyed rave reviews. For example, one Amazon reader commented, "Few autobiographies are written with such clean honesty, beautiful sparseness, and comprehensive chronology. Chris describes a world seen through the unique eyes of an albino, and outlines his struggles and triumphs that--if unspoken--remain otherwise unknown. His voice and his writing--his insight, indeed!--are a beacon of hope for every person who has ever faced (or is facing) such struggles, who has ever felt overwhelmed by an intolerant and misunderstanding society, and who has ever felt...different."

'Word to the Wise: The Power of Perception' is due for imminent release.

For more information, visit: http://perception.joneschris.info

About Christopher Thomas Dwight Major Jones
Christopher Thomas Dwight Major Jones is the son of Major and Sherry Jones. He attended school in Winona, Texas, a little town near Tyler, Texas where he was born on December 18, 1983. In 2002, Christopher graduated high school in Winona, Texas and continued his education at the Texas State Technical College in Marshall, Texas. After 6 years at the college, Christopher received his associate's degree in Software Engineering. Then in 2008, after successfully completing his studies in Computer Information Systems at Texas A&M University in Commerce, Texas, Christopher received his Bachelor's degree. Following his undergraduate studies, he worked in the field of Computer Science as an Application Web Developer, which led to his enrolment into the Master's program in Computer Science there at Texas A&M University. Shortly after graduation in 2010 with his Master Degree in hand and still at Texas A&M, Christopher began exploring his computer background. He combined his hardware and software experiences which led to his research and development of new ideas. Christopher started to prototype a device that would store energy and also help the environment by harvesting the energy using a microcontroller. He developed a sensor node capable of running any type of code while maintaining its efficiency in energy harvesting. In 2010, Christopher applied for a patent on ideas and concept of a new efficient way to store power in a rechargeable environment. The patent is currently pending in the United States Patent Office while Christopher is currently working on his PHD and teaching at Texas A&M University.