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The Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer Now Providing Legal Defense for DUI Offenders in Montgomery County, PA This Winter


Blue Bell, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2014 -- The Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer is a firm based in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. This winter, Edwin L. Guyer's law firm is offering comprehensive and effective legal representation for DUI offenders within Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Edwin L. Guyer offers defense for DUI and DWI as well as traffic violations, drug charges, white collar crimes, felony and misdemeanor defense, theft/stolen property defense and more. These charges are all considerably severe offenses that can impact individual permanent records. Marks like these on permanent records can also leave scars for years in regards to employment, credit checks, insurance premiums and more. Edwin L. Guyer's firm fights for justice while also keeping their client's future and security in mind.

Aside from being well-versed in Criminal Defense Law, Edwin L. Guyer also provides reinstatement for previously lost driver's licenses and record expungement. Therefore, his law firm has a comprehensive understanding of Pennsylvania traffic law as well as what points an individual can expect from a particular traffic violation. Edwin L. Guyer's firm provides much more than DUI Lawyers in Montgomery County, PA.

The Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer take DUI offenses very seriously, as they will lead to steep fines, long probation times, license suspension and possible jail time. People that don't want to get lost in the complex and demanding world of courtroom procedure need to hire strategic legal defense with Edwin L. Guyer's law firm in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Edwin L. Guyer has over 30 years of experience dealing with the Montgomery County Court System. He has a rapport with many Montgomery County judges and other prosecutors local to Montgomery County. With every defendant's legal defense will include expert testimonies and a broad knowledge of what to expect from different individuals within Montgomery County.

Knowledge and strategy is key to defending DUI cases. For example, many don't realize that breathalyzers aren't foolproof, with errors that can be attributed to weight and other factors. There are also key steps to providing an effective and strategic defense, including correct motion filing, procedural rules, witness questioning protocol, evidence presentation laws and the tenets of legal objection. Through effective legal defense, people can fight the loss of their license and more.

Contact the Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer today by phone at 215.542.9333. Prospective clients will receive a complimentary DUI Case Evaluation upon contacting them. On their site, anyone can browse their DUI Defense Info Center, as well as other information centers on traffic violations, schedule convictions, and PA point systems. Reach out to the Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer today for effective legal representation and advocacy or for expungements in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

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The law offices of Edwin L Guyer have been assisting the public in DUI defense, along with a vast array of other criminal charges for over 30 years. He is comfortable in the courtroom, and as a former prosecutor, understands what is necessary for a successful criminal defense.

Guyer provides free consultations for DUI defendants and more.

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