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Kid Agains Now Offering Quarterback Touchdown Game This Winter


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2014 -- While there is not much that football fans can do to make their team better, there is plenty they can do to improve their tailgating experience. No longer do fans just sit in lawn chairs and socialize, many have taken their pre-game ritual to a new level, incorporating everything from RVs to extensive cooking stations. Bringing new life to the game-playing element of tailgating, Kid Agains is now offering their Quarterback Touchdown game this winter. Now fans can battle it out on the blacktop before their team goes to war on the gridiron.

Whether looking for a way to relax with friends or entertain children before kickoff, the football throwing game from Kid Agains will be a crowd pleaser. With four different ways to play, customers will never have to worry about growing tired of Quarterback Touchdown. Competitors can choose to play 21, Tic Tac Toe, Around the World, or Live Action Football. The final option offers a true in-game experience with everything from touchdowns to interceptions. Along with these modes, it also functions as a great tool for honing passing skills for both kids and adults.

Quarterback Touchdown comes 90% pre-assembled, allowing the customer to focus on having fun instead of wasting time setting up the game. Adding to its convenience is the ease at which it fits in the provided carrying bag. To help withstand passes from those cannon arms, the waterproof material is double stitched and edge rolled with a three part binding. As the four footballs are made from high-density foam, they are great to use everywhere from parking lots to beaches. The quality of products guarantee that it will survive the rowdiest tailgates.

When looking for the perfect tailgating games for adults, Quarterback Touchdown is sure to be a hit among football lovers. To learn more about the Amazon Best Seller and the company behind it, visit the Kid Agains website today.

About Kid Agains
Kid Agains was founded by fun loving guys who want the world to enjoy being a kid again. They have dedicated years to creating the ultimate tailgating game and want to continue providing fun, safe outdoor activities for all ages, like it once was before electronics.

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