Patrick Mulrooney Seeks Crowdfunding via Indiegogo for the Work Safe App

An app to keep anyone alone stay safe – be they workers, wives, children or the elderly.


Lanark, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2014 -- We have all heard and read stories on the news about tragedies involving workers being injured or worse while working alone. The work safe app is intended to prevent workplace injuries as well as be there to bring help to anyone alone who needs it when any emergency strikes from nowhere. Imagine a runner out on a late night or early morning run stumbles down a hill and break their leg as their phone tumbles out of reach? What if that person alone and in trouble was a husband, wife, son or daughter? Peace of mind is easily achieved with The Work Safe app which would be aptly named the Live Save, Run Safe, Sit Safe as well.

The idea behind Work Safe came to senior worksite superintendent Patrick Mulrooney who works for a commercial builder in Ottawa. As a project superintendent, one of his major responsibilities is the health and safety of all the workers he's responsible for on any given job site. One day he had to close the jobsite to take care of commitments offsite. His sense of responsibility didn't allow him to leave the jobsite with his lead hand alone. What's more, there's a law in Ontario making it illegal to leave a worker alone without strict safety protocols in place. That's when the idea of the Work Safe app hit him like a bolt of lightning; an app that would perform two functions; first it prompts the worker at preset intervals by way of an alarm to disable the device; and second if for any reason the worker was unable to disable it a call would be generated to a co-worker, dispatcher, friend or family member that something was wrong. This double-pronged approach insures the lone worker is alive and well even when unsupervised.

That led Patrick to the legwork in researching how such an app could be developed. As he began talking about his idea with friends, family and co-workers it quickly became clear that the work safe app could not only keep solo workers safe on the job; it could insure the safety and wellbeing of anyone at all that finds themselves on their own anywhere. Imagine anyone that could be a situation where they're alone; an elderly relative, a daughter heading out to her car in an empty parking lot after an evening college course or a wife or girlfriend working late at her job and finds herself alone in an relatively insecure office. Examples are endless including babysitters, night watchmen, children home alone, farmers out in their fields for hours on end and so on.

After having invested thousands of dollars of his own money as well as countless hours on research and development, Mr. Mulrooney is at the point he needs outside funds to finalize this personal safety app and bring it to market. His crowdfunding goal is $40,000 which will enable him to finalize the programming and development of his app for iPhone and Andorid smart phones as well as marketing and promotion of this unique app to the world. His ultimate goal is to make this app available to the masses at the lowest possible cost. The more money he can raise with crowdfunding the lower the final price of the app will be.

This crowdfunding campaign ends January 25, 2015.

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