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Nutrition Is King Launches Website with Essential Diet and Lifestyle Health Info

Website provides clear, usable information to enable people to make informed health and lifestyle decisions


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2014 -- Specialists state anyone seeking to navigate the convoluted web of information available on the Internet about nutrition, diet, supplements and weight loss today is almost certain to quickly experience information overload. Each day brings a new "expert", and they each have a product, book, supplement, exercise, diet or weight loss plan to sell.

Worse, much of the information they contain is conflicting. One expert touts a low fat, high carb diet regimen. Another promotes high fat, high protein, and low carbs. Yet a third says to avoid meat, bread and dairy altogether. A fourth insists that gluten is poisoning the populace. The general concensus in the marketplace is that there is great need for a central clearinghouse of information to digest these various theories, approaches and methods, and disseminate conclusions in a simple, easy to understand format. It is to this end that Nutrition is King (Http:// has recently launched a blog to provide just that: straightforward, clearly presented and usable information for busy people about diet, exercise, health and lifestyle choices.

According to Nutrition is King's spokesperson, Steven Le, "The sheer amount of information being put out today in the form of books, websites, blogs, television infomercials, and even radio spots is daunting to the person who simply wishes to eat better, or to take his or her health to the next level. It's to the point that many people simply give up in frustration, because they're unable to sort through the contradictory information. They are frustrated, rightfully so, because they cannot get the information they need for being bombarded with information!"

The problem is a real one, and is complicated by the not so obvious fact that what works for one person does not always work for another, a predicament that accounts for the seeming conflict in much of what is presented. To hear Le tell it, it doesn't need to be this complicated. "The conflicts people perceive don't necessarily exist. People need to be given clear information in a format they can use. No one diet, exercise program or set of Juice cleanse recipes is best for everyone. All methods have worked for someone. Given easy to understand, factual information, people are capable of figuring out what works best for them on their own."

Nutrition is King's message is one of empowerment. Science is not only uncovering new information every day about the human body and its needs, but it is also refining previously determined information. Having a source of current research and data, not only about the body, but also about the myriad of foods, is crucial if a person is to make informed decisions about diet, exercise and nutrition. It is important to realize that what works for one might not necessarily work for another and to respect individual differences. Whether it's determining the Best pre workout supplements, the fastest way to lose 10 pounds, eating for energy or tips to understanding a food product label, Nutrition is King is there to help people in their quest to develop healthy lifestyle choices and habits.

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Nutrition is King is blog-style website committed to bringing clarity to the confusing world of nutrition. It is the company's goal to help people worldwide eat well, feel good and to generally enjoy healthy and productive lives. Nutrition is King's website is a reliable resource to those desiring up-to-date, easy to understand information on a wide variety of health-related topics.