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Customers wishing to diversify their investment portfolio often turn to precious metals to do so, as precious metals investing offers many benefits, reports Gold Silver IRA Plans


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2014 -- Gold, back in 2001, cost $271 per ounce. To purchase the same amount of gold today, a consumer must spend $1,190.06, according to Individuals looking to diversify their investment portfolio need to look at gold and silver IRA plans ( as a way to achieve this goal, as precious metals have a better long term track record than other investment options. Consumers need to take care, however, when choosing a gold IRA provider to ensure they get a company that best meets their needs. Many turn to ( for assistance in making this selection.

"Customers wanting to know more about precious metals investing appreciate the free investment kit offered at With the help of this kit, consumers obtain the answers they need to their most frequently asked questions. In addition, they obtain answers to questions they didn't even know they had," Bob Murphy, spokesperson for, explains. examines 30 companies offering IRAs of this type, using a ten point test criteria system to review these providers. The reviews help consumers make sense of the complicated sales tactics used by many companies. With the help of these reviews, ones written in plain English, customers obtain the facts they need to make informed investment decisions which will benefit them in the future.

Murphy states companies researched by this website include Fidelity Gold, Lear Capital and Goldline. Many investors focus on those companies that advertise heavily on TV, which can lead them to overlooking a company that doesn't spend as much to promote their products. Each investor comes with his or own unique needs and requirements and the site understands this, looking at items such as ease of account setup, BBB rating, and more. The reviews are comprehensive, which investors are sure to appreciate.

The reviews cover other areas such as customer testimonials, customer service, gold storage fees, and BCA rating. Each company has the opportunity to receive a score of ten in each category assessed, and provides additional information along with each score. Investors find they can easily eliminate companies by looking at the scores and do a more in-depth assessment using the provided details.

" recommends customers make use of Regal Assets. This company receives a 92 on the test criteria and excels in the areas of BBB and BCA rating, while receiving nines in all other areas. Many customers, based on this information, halt their search for a gold IRA provider after reading this review. Others, however, prefer to read about other potential providers, and caters to both, as customers deserve to have all of the facts before investing a dime of their money," Murphy declares.

About understands the frustration consumers feel when researching various IRA providers and works to reduce the time one must spend on this task. This frustration tends to appear before a provider is selected, and the process is just beginning. The goal of the website is to make the process easier for all involved, by helping consumers select a provider quickly, and the site provides information on different companies so consumers can easily compare and contrast the IRA firms.